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No kidding.


i don’t make the rules dude. if you’re slinging the name shaniqua around it’s insensitive and racist…

if you’re throwing the name karen around it’s symbolic of entitled white women…who, coincidentally, are typically racist…

both can be observational attempts at humor…but really, the only one that holds water is the Karen one…

make fun of the karens…leave the shaniquas alone.


I will never understand how what happened to Breonna Taylor can be allowed. I’ve seen on the news how people have been swatted or just had their homes invaded in error.
This happens more than not and there has to be a way for the police to not invade homes that kill innocent people.


I don’t disagree with anything you’re saying. In fact, we started referring to the young, bitchy, spoiled brat , white girls as Stacy back in 2005. And Chicago plays a part in my story as well.

I work for a cable TV, internet provider that happens to service the Chicago area among other areas. I work tech & billing support & get incoming calls from bitchy women (black,white, asian, middle eastern, etc.) & asshole men (black,white,asian,middle eastern,etc.). Me & my friend Katey started referring to the bitchy, spoiled, white girls as Stacy. “Katey, I got another Stacy on the line that refuses to power cycle her modem & wants a tech visit. She’s really gonna lose her shit when I tell her the first appointment is 3 days out.” And they almost always lose their shit.

But, the white girls aren’t the only ones that feel it’s their God given right to be assholes to the rest of the world. It’s almost everyone. Male, female, young, old & race pretty much exhibit this unacceptable behavior. The world is just a real shitty place anymore.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not completely jaded yet. But, I feel as though I’m slowly becoming a misanthrope. But, I will acknowledge there’s still a lot of good people out their too…of all gender, race, age, sexual orientation, etc. You get my point.

But, there are days that I feel like God/Satan needs to hit the reset button on mankind.


I’m gonna disagree Balv. A bitch is a bitch. And an asshole is an asshole. Paint it however you like. The only real rule I believe in is people need to treat others the way they want to be treated. If you act like a bitch or an assole…you’re most likely going to be treated like one. And I’ve never called a black bitch “Shaniqua”. But, I’ve also never called a white bitch Karen. I consider both terms racist. A bitchy person is a bitchy person. And is undeserving of respect. It goes both ways. It has to. Otherwise racism will never end.


Yes, you are correct. Over the phone it is easier for customers to lose their shit with cable company employees.
I will admit that I had been irritated when on the phone with the cable company because I felt they were not hearing out what I was saying.
Before I call for technical assistance I do the whole thing of unplugging the box then rebooting it.
I tell them this when I call and yet I’m still forced to do it all over again just to be told a new box will get shipped out to me.
Not to mention the upselling I had to listen to.
I stopped calling and just go straight to the store with the equipment that gives me trouble.

Calling an entitled white woman who feels anyone in the service industry is beneath them Karen then that’s better than calling them a bitch.
A bitch can be a bitch for so many different reasons without thinking other people are beneath them.


Most of the folks you get on the phone for tech support are reading from a script & refuse to deviate from it. They will not think outside of the box. I always asked first if they power cycled the equipment. And I know a few other things (not in the scripts) to try as well. I’ll always do everything I can from my end before asking them to do anything. Call reps just don’t listen. They do it to me too. I had a tree bring the outside line down to the ground. It was broken. I told the rep. They still asked me to reset the modem. I calmly explained that it was pointless & told them again the outside line to the home was broken. They understood the second time.


Can we all agree that the most offensive thing here is how Katey’s parents spelled her name?


What percentage of people wear face coverings in grocery stores in your hood?


In Costco you are required… In the Meijer’s stores around here it is suggested, but not mandatory and I’d say it’s 80-85% mask-wearing.


Our mayor just mandated face coverings in public as of today. Prior to that, it varied in different areas. But I would say around 60-70% in the actual city. The further you go out into the suburbs/country the less people would be wearing masks.


We’re still pretty much required to wear them here in NEPA. We were upgraded to green a couple of weeks ago. But it makes sense to still wear the masks in public. I haven’t heard too many people bitching about it. If that’s what it takes for people to feel safe…then I don’t see the problem. It’s a very minor inconvenience at worst. But, at best it could save a life. Some inconsiderate, selfish pricks just need a good kick in the ass sometimes. But, that’s the attitude of so many individuals nowadays. “I’m going to do what I want & fuck everyone else.”


Here in Dumb Fuck Texas Governor Abbott has reclosed bars and set back dine in eating to 50% capacity. 50% capacity is fucking stupid if you have any concept of math and percentages. He’s all “encouraged” people to wear masks in public. Precious to reopening the state he barred Mayors from requiring people wear masks anywhere in public but that order has now been rescinded. Now we are waiting, county by county in the hopes that a mask mandate is implemented.


We live in the country 30 minutes south of Waves and no one has been wearing them. We’ve been going towards the city and Costco for groceries for that reason.


I live in the country too. There’s horses in the field right across the road from us. There’s a dairy farm right up the road. We can’t even get cable because the population here is so small that it wouldn’t be worth it for a cable company to install cable lines back our way. So DSL is the best internet connection I’ll probably ever have.


Yeah, it seems like Texas is a mess. I don’t take much comfort but Missouri has been slightly better.


We’ve been hearing that MIchigan has been doing such a good job… I don’t believe that. We’ve got at least as many idiots as all the other states - except possibly Texas :wink:


In Louisville I’d say about 75-80% are wearing masks in public.

Our restaurants just went up to 50% capacity, they had been at 30.

I’m going to work every day, and once a week we’re going to the grocery store. Other than that we are still staying in.

My big concern now is my coworker just took his family to Myrtle Beach, where the numbers are really bad. He is self quarantined at home for two weeks but that was by choice. My boss said they can’t make him stay home unless he has a fever when they check his temperature as he enters the building.

My other coworker was in Nashville over the weekend to party. Like nothing is going on. It makes me kind of mad because she will also be coming in at some point this week.


Good thread. I enjoy hearing about others’ locations/experiences I mainly shop at Kroger and HomeDepot/Lowes. We are somewhat shut-ins when it comes to retail. I still go out skateboarding, fishing, brief hikes, but generally avoid crowds.

I’d say it’s close to 90% mask-wearing in Kroger. It’s funny the only people not wearing masks are ALWAYS white middle-aged males. ALWAYS.

Mask wearing is not as high in HomeDepot/Lowes, but it’s probably in the 80% range.


To be fair. I think there are some folks that aren’t wearing masks out of sheer forgetfulness. I’ve noticed a lot of people actually have the masks but they’re pulled down below their chin/throat area for whatever reason. They have pulled the masked down for a moment and got distracted & just didn’t pull the mask back up to cover their mouths & noses.

I’ll bet 9 out of 10 times if someone politely asks the person to pull the mask back up…there’s no issue. Sometimes a person just forgets & some sanctimonious asshole approaches them with a snarky attitude & that’s almost always a recipe for confrontation & a sensationalized incident that appears on social media.