Covid 19


Yesterday my boss said he was at a party with about 20 other people (he didn’t know) over the weekend. Our work crew is a total of 3 people including him. I guess if anyone is gonna wipe us out, it should be him.


I’m not sure if I understand the logic of people’s behavior right now.
Is wearing a mask going to prevent yourself or others from getting COVID? No.
Is wearing a mask going to minimize transmission? Is it more effective than not wearing a mask? Yes.
Does gathering in larger groups and spending a longer time near others increase the chances of transmission? Yes.

So I don’t get the logic of gathering in groups and/or refusing to wear a mask. Is everyone so weak and beholden to their loneliness and boredom that they participate in risky behaviors? Politically motivated idiots aside, why are people doing shit like that?


i have 9 story 133 unit elderly apartment complex in the heart of missoula.

these tenants are a mixed bag…but for the most part they’re following our directives and guidelines. Masks are required for all essential care visitors…no visitors EXCEPT those deemed essential as mandated by our governor.

i have all common areas closed off…only two people in the laundry room at a time and they must sanitize before and after.

i have sanitation stations set up all over and i’ve spent butt loads on DisCide, Purell, Wipes, etc …i did apply and receive a grant for funds to compensate for $6,000 of those cleaning products…but i’m gonna have to keep on it and buy more and keep researching for those resources…cause lots of people are out of product.

our dining room is closed and so we are delivering meals to them…

every two fridays my maintenance man and i deliver krispy kreme doughnuts to their door.

i wear a bandana night and fucking day and switch it out w/ clean ones. i wear gloves when necessary and i clean my fucking hands non-stop…i have wipes and sanitizer in my truck

some places like mine are reopening. i am not. i see no point in opening when the numbers are now higher than when we implemented these changes.

i go to the store once per week and we pay for delivery of other items.


I’m working a couple nights a week at a delivery/carry-out only restaurant but other than that we only go out to get curbside groceries or to visit family. As far as actually going into a business, I think I’ve been to Costco once, Big Lots once, a hardware store and Hy-Vee twice since mid-March. It didn’t really get as bad in Kansas City because we shut the city down early and there’s just a lower urban density here (I guess?), but because of that people didn’t take it seriously and it’s getting pretty bad now. I’ve already lost one of my jobs at a university, not sure if I should just quit this other one and get it over with sooner rather than later.


Yes. I think most people have absolutely nothing in the tank, in terms of emotional reserve/resilience, but I think a large factor is economic. If I were in an apartment, I’d probably be crawling up the walls right now.


Yeah, being in a small apartment has been a challenge. We don’t have any other hardship, so we’re fine, but I miss activities that I used to do to make up for the apartment. No travel, either for work or fun, has been hard.


I’ve been lucky with respect to finances, as I’ve transitioned into a new job in mid May. Granted, I still need to move to Virginia, but for now this is fine; I’ve got plenty to do in terms of learning a whole bunch of things, which I can do (mostly) from home. Eventually a lot more hands-on things (I work at a particle accelerator laboratory, which is slowly starting to reopen) will be needed.

Regarding @Ely_Plains and @mutineer’s comments about being in an apartment, I’ve been generally fine – I’m usually quite the introvert anyway, so not much has changed, aside from no commute to work. I constantly have work meetings every day via video conference, and I keep in contact with friends and family over video chat as well. Plus, I have my guitars.

I can say in this suburb of Chicago, I think I’m the only one wearing a mask now – aside from the required aspect of it in places like Target; I’ve reduced my trips outside to basically a few times a week to take out the garbage, and the grocery run is once every two weeks. Now considering converting to curbside pickup for groceries since people don’t get the whole 6-ft distancing at the store, and it looks like it’s getting worse. I have to continually speed through the store to keep away from people, else they’ll be on top of me, even at 7 am.



My oldest sister went into the hospital two weeks ago with a severe UTI and pneumonia. Today she tested positive for Covid-19.

You know how I feel about thoughts and prayers. I’m not asking for those.

Wash your fucking hands and wear your fucking mask in public.


I hope she recovers. Scary shit right now.


I hope your sister gets better soon. How is she doing now? Is she still in the hospital?


Been there for 2 weeks. She’ll be there for another 2 now. And that’s if things don’t go south.


I hope she recovers. Sorry you & your family have this kind of stress to deal with.


I hate to say it but if any of us were going to get it she’d be the first. And my middle sister visited her in the hospital 2 days ago so now she’s quarantining again.


Sorry to hear all this, Monkey.


I’m sorry to hear about this. Hang in there. Try to stay positive for yourself & your loved ones. I hope it all turns out OK.



Sorry to hear this @Monkey, hope she gets through it


My husbands ex-wife is continuing with her wedding in a few weeks. We’re expecting his kids to come down with it and then pass it along to us.

It’s incredibly irresponsible on her part, but not much that we can do. We’ll just make sure we have enough groceries for several weeks and will continue working at home in hopes to not continue the trail.

I believe Kansas and multiple others counties surrounding us have banned events once again, but not good ole missouri - pretending like there’s not a pandemic going on. Our county commissioner just sent out the most tone-deaf letter that pretty much said “even though we’re seeing the highest number of cases so far, we will not make masks mandatory in public. We have only had 2 deaths and currently no one in the hospital due to covid”. Well no shit, most people aren’t using the hospitals in our county. They’re going to the better ones in the city if they get sick.


Here’s a what would you do question for faithless-streeters.

I’m in a very conservative red area of my state. I signed up to be a poll worker. I know that you need so many reps from each party for polling locations to be open. I was hoping to make a difference with that in my small community.

Low and behold, I was selected as 1 of 2 Democrat election judge. Would you do it? I’m assuming there’s others on the back burners. On the one hand, I want to do my duty. On the other - Covid and some poll workers/election judges have already died after getting it.