Covid 19




I’m with Monkey on this. It would be great to help the cause but not at the expense of you and your families health.




Ya - I’m bowing out. My towns small (less than 5,000) but majority don’t wear masks, so it’s not worth it. If we had a mask mandate, I more than likely would have done so.

We’ll see how things are in November and I’ll see if they need me then.


Hahaha! Like we will even exist in November


Dammit nick. You’re right. With how 2020 is going…


I will go vote in person in November if there is no mail in option. There won’t be a mail in option.

KANYE 2020


Because why not?
Because shit CAN get worse.
Because Putin has even more dirt on him.
Because having Kim Kardishian as first lady is our destiny.


I’ve given this some thought.


Talk about media manipulators…


ugh that’s awful; I hope you guys get through it ok.

I’m starting to get quite worried as my apartment complex is doing the fire alarm checkout thing, and they have to come into the apartment for “15 minutes”. They will have masks on, and I’ve requested they wear gloves. My current plan is to basically barricade myself in my bedroom while they’re here. Not sure of the plan to clean the apartment after they leave. Some friends say I should probably just stay in the bedroom for 24 hrs then clean where they were afterwards.

And all of this is compounded with the very busy work week I have (I work 100% from home now), where I have work meetings 8–5 every day next week, and I’m giving two presentations. I’m trying to get this checkout delayed because I can’t have distractions, plus, I’d rather delay this whole issue as much as possible.


My sister says that she is feeling better. As of right now she still has loss of smell and taste and a couple of other issues that I won’t go into but her kidneys feel okay. The next couple of days are crucial because she has such bad problems in general that they will not risk putting her on a ventilator.

Keep them fingers crossed.


Oh, and thank you all for your kind words. I often have to remind myself to be a nicer human being. I can emote.


Wishing her the best, Monkey.


Glad your sister is feeling better, Monkey!



I got this in the mail today from John Prine’s family business, Oh Boy Records.

A nice thank you card for supporting them over the years and buying direct. I’m sure that blue sticker will make it onto my guitar case soon enough.


You know you’ve f*cked up when Mexico isn’t letting you visit.


It’s a lot like how Steve Earle described having Townes Van Zandt stop by to tell him that Steve’s drug use was getting to be a problem.


My coworker just got back from Cozumel.