Covid 19


She went back to the hospital on Monday and still tested positive. She quarantined at home with all our new of random ass AND expected symptoms. At this point stress and loneliness are hitting her pretty hard. On top of that I’m usually the one that keeps tabs on here but my ultra ADHD son has been with me for the past week so I kind of lose track of things (I’m also hella ADHD) and have been lax in checking in.


Sorry to hear she’s having a rough time. I hope it gets better for her soon.
Enjoy your time with your son. :blush:


sorry to hear that Monkey; hope it turns around for real this time.


She’s so full of prescription drugs from being an addict that I’d be surprised if there isn’t something in there that’s saving her.



I’m loving Tim Dillon. This is an older post, but still good.


Maybe I’m missing something, but he just seems like an unoriginal bag of shit obsessed with conspiracies.

Is he funny?



He mentions Epstein, sure. I think his topics are pitch perfect for these times.

Also, I can’t imagine being over 40 and having this reaction to something that is simply a matter of taste. Did you try stand up in LA or something?


Simply ‘giving it to both the right AND the left’ isn’t enough to be funny to me. I spent 20 minutes going through his instagram and watching vids and reading things and never came close to a grin. Certainly didn’t laugh.

For me, the minute-by-minute obsession with political news and the need to immediately comment on it is not symptomatic of the mire we’re in as a country–it’s one of the root causes. I view any participant, whether it is a content creator or consumer, as an impediment to moving our political situation forward in a healthy fashion.

It’s treated as a soap opera by people who think they are too smart for soap operas. To put it simply–they can’t see the forest for the trees. They wear themselves out over today’s drama instead of conserving that spent energy to create actual lasting change. And the content creators are just raking in money by feeding it. They’re not heroes.

Here’s an example.

Within a day this was discovered to be the work of a revenge-bent lawyer, and nothing to do with Epstein. This kind of posting to me is disgusting, and not funny. It essentially fed the fire of what is still (without actual evidence) a conspiracy theory. In my book, if you promote conspiracy or any similarly unfounded agitprop you have either abdicated your sense of logic (if you ever had one) or you are purposely sowing unrest by feeding people who can’t evaluate informational verisimilitude effectively.

So I find his approach to be irresponsible to say the least, and purposely agitating a potentially ignorant base for profit to be likely.

I also find no ‘humor’ in it. And I find the joke–What do you do with a dead nun? Fuck her!–to be funny, so it’s not his edgy nature or subject matter. It’s just not funny. It’s just a newsy version of ‘what’s the deal with airline food?’

While people like to say that humor is in the ear of the beholder, it is actually more than that. While there is a paucity of academic literature on the subject, say compared to what kinds of farts stink more–veggie or meat-eater, I would encourage you to examine John Morreall’s (William & Mary) work. I used some of his texts when I developed and taught a course in humor that examined the social, political and ethical affects of humor from the Greeks through Shakespeare and on to Tina Fey and Allie Brosh. We looked at how the bible, Nazi Germany, and Buddha dealt with the concept of what is funny, among other things.

But no, I’ve never tried stand-up. I worked in film development and dealt with screenplays when I was in LA. I did have comedian friends. And fucking magicians too. Those people…


I’m confused. Are comedians supposed to be heroes? Are they supposed to create actual lasting change?
are they supposed to ridicule those in power? draw attention to hypocrisy on both sides? serve as relief to those who find the duopoly exhausting and hopeless?

Comedians’ role throughout history is to do the latter. Can you name a comedian that is affecting positive change? Maybe Jon Stewart’s work with veterans, but you have to remember he spent many years working for a corporation before he was able to do that.

Lately comedians do a better job of media analysis and current events that any of the MSM. Look at Jimmy Dore, for instance. I don’t put Dillon in this analytical category, but he makes me laugh. Also, I don’t think Dillon or Jimmy Dore do minute-by-minute analysis of the news. The news is definitely fodder in their material, but what comedian is doing material completely untethered to the news or political life? Steven Wright? Mitch Hedberg?

I don’t find South Park funny, but I know it’s role ridiculing many “sacred cows” or “third rails” in American culture and I think that is an important service to society.

The fact you think this is a joke, shows how you don’t get it. Not every tweet of a comedian is intended as a joke. Also, Dillon’s tweet was completely factual. Should we NOT mention a judge’s son being murdered in the Epstein case?

You’re drowning yourself in academy speak and not speaking directly to the issue. Dillon’s obsession with the Epstein situation DOESN’T make him a conspiracy theory. There are airline logs of celebrities (political and otherwise) who visited Pedo Isle and if you think there isn’t an effort to conceal this information, well, I think that’s a naive viewpoint.

When you say talk like this is a conspiracy, it shuts down “informational verisimilitude” because it discourages the act of investigation itself.


“Shaniqua” would be racist compared to “Karen” because of the power dynamic.

Side note, has anybody ever met a Shaniqua? I feel like this is a fake name made up for trope use in the 80s.


We’re out here in Trump country where I have been openly called a libtard and a sheep by strangers for wearing a mask when the mandate was temporarily lifted.

Good times.


Fiona Apple has.




Jesus, I’m so racist.


Shemekia Copeland is one of my favorites.


I was gonna say that but wasn’t sure if you’d know I was kidding.


I knew a Shametra in elementary school. She was a kind and old soul.

@WillieCash lives in Orange County?


I knew a girl named Cheesha. She sang like an angel and was so fun to be around.


I have the winner:

I went to middle school with a girl named Evazanette!!