Covid 19


I knew a student named Nikearis.

Look at it again. Nike-Air-is


Hey, friends.

I think the most “exotic” named I grew up around was Lakeisha. She was rad.

Grew up in San Bernardino County (high desert rat)
Then to Orange County (good and bad)
Then to the Inland Empire (California’s Mississippi)


Our dipshit MO governor who wanted things to remain open as possible, didn’t do a mask mandate, and who said kids can just go home and get over Covid has tested positive, along with his life.


nature’s way of saying i told you so.


That’s like saying karma is a bitch when, in reality, karma isn’t a real anything.


I knew a girl named Karma. Never thought about it.


Try telling that to Earl Hickey.


This is the only way some folks can understand a problem. It has to happen to them.

Reminds me that Dick Cheney was only open to the idea of gay marriage in 2000 because his daughter was a lesbian. If only every GOP member had a gay relative who contracted Covid, lost their healthcare…etc…


I’d rather have the GOP member contract COVID rather than their gay relative, frankly.


OK, let’s refine this,

the GOP Member gets Covid, has organ failure, and the only organ match is his non-binary relative, who is uninsured, and the only specialist in organ transplantation in Wyoming is a gay man.

Feel free to enhance…:wink:


My husbands getting tested tomorrow. One of the secretaries at his office tested positive, and he’s been having some awful GI issues, which is the first sign in about 1/3 of the cases.

Snuck a look at her profile… Maga hat wearing person who’s been going to party cove at the ozarks every weekend. All of our caution was for nothing.

I did have to ask my husband why the fuck is a Trump supporter working at a firm who’s entire existence is to represent labor unions…


Period. Next.


Let us know how it goes. You may be pretty unlikeable but nobody wants to see anyone get Covid. :smiley:


You’re evil, Monkey. But I like the way our pics look together :heart_eyes:


Hope all is well Lacey.


You misspelled honest.


Well, Lacey??? How is he?


Herman Cain says what?


My 74 year old mom had a fever of 103.6 and tested positive. We were around her Sunday. Just to be safe, I too was tested yesterday. Just got my positive result. Same for my girlfriend.


Oh, jeez. Hope you and your mom and girlfriend can avoid bad cases.