Covid 19


Thinking of you, hope everyone has a mild case!


Holy crap! I am sorry to hear that. Seriously. Crush up and snort zinc pills and vote Red, Sir. :frowning:


They are testing us randomly at work. I’ve been tested twice. A colleague of mine was tested 3 times within 10 days.


So, we are web-schooling our boys and my oldest can be frustrating. I told him he needed to rewrite an answer to a question and he called me a “motherf*cker.”

I said, “You’re right buddy, but that’s not a nice way to say that.”

Full disclosure, he learned the word from me, of course.


Oh fuck. I’m sure you and your girl will be okay. Really hoping your mom makes it okay.


Wishing you the best Nick.


Damn, Nick. I hope all of you will be ok. :two_hearts:

They keep saying to us at work, it’s not if but when we get it. Are we all going to get it despite our best efforts?


Unless Trump’s experimental treatment consisted injecting him with all of the vaccine supply in the making (which can’t be ruled out), we’ll have a vaccine before all of us get it.


Thanks, everyone!


sorry to hear Nick – hope you and your family get through this ok


An update.

My mom is feeling a little better. Still not in the clear by any means. My dad tested positive. His heart surgery on the 12th is off…which is a huge bummer. He needs it. He’s been in AFib all but about a week since July. He’s had five or six cardioversions. Three of my nephews have tested positive. My nephew’s wife has tested positive. My girlfriend is really sick. She feels like shit. She’s quarantining with me. My symptoms have gotten worse, but I don’t feel as shitty as she does. I’m really achey and my head is pounding.


Stay strong.

Thinking about your parents and rest of your family.


Thanks for the update. Keep us posted Nick, we’re all thinking about you and your family.


ugh that sounds terrible; I hope things turn around soon. Thinking of you and your family


Keep us posted, Nick. Sending love/strength your way.


Currently I cannot smell anything and I can barely taste. I drank some Booker’s last night and it was just like fueling up. Speaking of fuel, I even tried to smell gasoline (which on a good day is barely stronger than Booker’s). Nothing. This is the weirdest symptom so far.


How’s your energy and breathing?


I am pretty tired. I think my breathing is fine though.


Good. Hope that’s as far as it goes.


I am hard of smelling anyway, so I can commiserate if you need. If the smell is strong, I can tell it exists, but often cannot tell what it is. Oddly, I can still taste fine, and in fact discern delicate flavors well.

Me driving down the road: ‘Oh that smells nice, is someone having a BBQ?’

Wife: ‘That’s manure.’