Covid 19


I’ve gone home to Baltimore every year since I moved away in 2004. I haven’t seen my mom, brother and family since last November.

I’m not going this year and it’s sad, but not worth the risk. Not to mention it’s so crazy busy at work they wouldn’t even give me the time off that I requested 9 months ago. I’m getting Wednesday/Thursday only.

I’m also not seeing Steve’s family here. Thanksgiving for 2 at home it is. :poultry_leg:


Yeah, we’re baking a chicken for 2. We aren’t in the thick of it, but cases are rising here too.


All this media attention being focused on Portage, Michigan where the first Pfizer vaccine shipments have been going out.

Weird to have it be right here where I live.


When you put up that article last month it was really the first sign of hope for me.


Interesting too because the news in Louisville every night said we got all that product at our UPS hub and we are shipping the first rounds of the vaccine out!!


I found this dry point engraving I did of the fine chemicals area at the Upjohn Co. (at that time), where the vaccine is being made and shipped from.


It’s wonderful. Do you do any relief printmaking?


yikes…he makes some good points…albeit his delivery needs a little work.



That’s what I do mostly. I have done hundreds of woodblocks and linoleum block prints.



That’s so cool! I took a course in college and have a little studio in my basement to do Lino cuts but had to move to watercolors when the kids came… a lot more forgiving of split attention. I love your woodcuts so much. Do you ever sell your prints?



I have sold some prints around here in Kalamazoo and other parts of Michigan, but not too often. I really do it for my own therapy… having said that I haven’t done any art in the last 9 months. I really need it. But playing guitar has been helpful.


I just tested positive a couple days ago. Mostly just feel like I have a sinus infection or a cold so far, but my stomach has been upset too. I’m assuming I got it at work. I’m currently quarantining in a room until my girlfriend finds out if she’s postive too. Our daughter is fine so far.

It’s great how the state forced me off unemployment and then when I couldn’t find any work during the pandemic I had to take a shitty retail/delivery job that got me sick. What a wonderful country we live in.


Shitty. I’m sorry.
Hope it’s easy on you.


Yes, that sucks. Hope you all have light cases.


Sorry buddy


I’m sorry waves. I hope you’re all okay.


Feel better, bub.


sorry to hear @Waves; hope it’s light cases for you and your family if affected


Everything wrong with our approach to Covid in a nutshell. Wishing you a speedy recover and ALL good things, Waves.


Thanks guys. Feeling somewhat better after a 4 day headache, but I lost my sense of smell last night or this morning and I’m exhausted and feeling guilty for putting my family through this. My girlfriend and daughter are either uninfected or asymptomatic so far. We’re both getting retested hopefully next week after talking to our doctors.