Covid 19


Feel for you, we had it here, tested positive beginning December, and still not right. Long haul for sure in my experience.


Damn. I’m sorry. I’m worried about the same myself.


Damn, I’m sorry, Waves. It was a long haul for us too. It wasn’t that we felt terrible…just annoyingly less than perfect. It felt like it got to the point to where anticipating the day that we felt great became the biggest hurdle.


It’s only been a week since I first had symptoms, but I feel a lot better. My mind is just foggy and I have stomach problems still. And I’m having issues getting into a deep sleep at night. I struggle to fall asleep and wake up a lot.


Good to know you’re on the mend.


Both of my folks couldn’t sleep for days. Sounds agonizing. Glad you’re feeling better.



Lol the metal zone. I love Boss but never cared for their distortion pedals.


So my mom and dad got their first COVID vaccine shot today. My dad is 93 and my mom is 87. They didn’t get them in the very first wave and thought they would have to wait until the 11th, but they found out yesterday they were getting them today instead.

This, along with my granddaughter coming home from the hospital in great shape and getting a new president have got me believing we may have weathered this storm.


My friend lives in Quebec and they have a curfew now at 8 PM and he says there were helicopters flying overhead last night.

Evidently they have their share of assholes there.


My customer in Toronto is back in lockdown at home too she said.


glad you’re feeling better @waves!

I’ve been pretty absent lately; this month and a half through mid February is crazy busy with work; speaking of, I’ve had to go into the lab the past few days. All day today, ~7 hrs, inside with folks in relatively close quarters. At least we all have to wear masks; I had two on (as recommended by my MD friend). Some of it is “incidental contact” since it’s a lot of moving around, but still concerned.


Thanks! I’m pretty much recovered now. I quit the job I got sick at because they weren’t taking many precautions and frankly it just wasn’t worth it. I just started a job at a restaurant which probably isn’t much safer but I’ll at least be making more money and shouldn’t have to worry about covid for a few months at least.


Unpopular opinion: If you are fat or have an underlying medical condition, don’t post on social media about how happy you are about getting the vaccine early.


Frankly, if you are fat, you shouldn’t be posting on social media at all.


This morning my former boss (I left in April 2020… so about one year ago) sent an unsolicited group text message to me, his former intern, his understudy, and his wife, bragging about being in (presumably) Barbados, how the resort was at half capacity, and how it was 80 and getting better there… He included a photo of him and his wife’s feet/legs, he looks like he has gout, and Heather looks like she’s put on at least 30 pounds in quarantine.


My point exactly.


Ganz genau, dicke leute sollen nur ein app, Step Tracker.


took the words right out of my mouf


…musta been while you were Kissimmee