Covid 19


Got my first vaccine yesterday.

I called the local Meijer’s pharmacy and they put me on the schedule last week. When I got there for my appointment yesterday at 2:25 PM they had us walk to the back of the store. When I got there I told her my name and they checked me off the list. She said walk this way and I went to the next person who verified me on an iPad. Then I was told to walk all the way down an aisle to the front of the store, and turn into an area set up for shots. They gave me my shot, made my next appointment for the 31st, then sent me to ladies lingerie to wait for 15 minutes to see if I got a “reaction”.


Did you have a reaction? To the shot, not the ladies lingerie.

So glad you’re one down.


I got my first vaccine dose today. It was done at Texas Motor Speedway via car. all the way. The whole process was very efficient. I show my I.D. and a qr code and get the shot. 15 of the 17 minutes I was there was to wait to see if there was an adverse reaction. I didn’t get the shot because I wanted to. I did it because I have a responsibility toward my son that trumps everything else. Yes. The pun was intended.


I got the one and done on Friday. Very efficient, in and out in 8 minutes (then of course the 15 minute sitting, with no ladies lingerie to make it better).

I can see that light at the end of tunnel. And this spring weather really helps.


I didn’t get a bad reaction, but my arm is a still a little bit sore. I got a shingles shot a month ago and my arm hurt for three days.


Good so far all of my friends and family who have had it haven’t had any real issues. It’s no where near my turn but I’m gonna get it when it’s time.


I don’t know who said it on Twitter, but this is my favorite Covid joke…

“getting one dose of Moderna and one dose of Pfizer is called an Arnold Pharma”


glad people here are getting vaccinated! I still don’t qualify in IL. Maybe someday.


It’ll be a while for us too.

My mom got her second shot today. :heart:


I got the first dose of vaccine about 10 days ago. They said I was eligible because I work in the service industry, but I think they may have misread the tier I’m in or just didn’t care. I felt shitty for two days (like a mini case of covid) but then I was fine.


There are a ton of different auto-immune disorders and I think you can get ahead in line if you have one.


With my recent birthday, I am now able to get the vaccine. I’m probably not going to do it this week because the kids are on spring break. If I happen to feel like shit, I don’t want to have to take care of kiddos all day too.


Smart call, they say the worse the reaction, the most robust your immune system is… I’m sure you’d be in bed.


Following up on this…it recently came to my attention that people with underlying medical conditions are able to present their vaccination cards at Krispy Kreme and get a free doughnut.

This is like giving a kid a cookie for stealing cookies.

At 165lb and 5’10" I can’t post about this on other social media, so I’m putting it here.


ha! nice catch ely


But then it turns out that Krispy Kreme has to make a special exception for anti-vaxxers, and so they get a free donut too. Because this is Muricah, damn it.


But I got vaccinated because of an underlying condition, and I checked how far the next Krispy Kreme is. Too far, it turns out.


I mean, I’m not going on a long walk for a donut! What would be the point?


“Long walk for a donut” sounds like it could be a euphemism for dating.


Deine transformation ist komplett. Jetzt bist Du halt einer Amerikaner.