Covid 19


Especially since jelly-filled ones tend to squirt.


… and just like that we’ve come full circle.


I have to test drive a Walmart motorized scooter before it’s recognized in court, but I’m close.


I’m getting my first shot this afternoon!


Wish I could get mine. We’re meeting my SoCal family in Joshua Tree in a couple weeks. They’re all immunized so we’ll just be loveable vectors.


Got my appointment for my second shot this afternoon.


got my shot two hours ago

feel good so far.

gonna chill tonight and then go fish/float on friday.


Just got home from mine. Arm a little sore but hoping that’s it.


My 2nd one is tomorrow afternoon. I can’t wait to keep doing exactly what I’ve been doing for the past 13 months in 2 weeks!


I got my first one Friday. My arm was pretty sore, but that was the only issue.



my friend managed to get me an appointment for my first shot Saturday. Second is April 24 (Pfizer).

Then late last night my job sent me an email that they’re now trying to get approval to move me to Virginia. (My lab is funded by the Department of Energy, and there’s no authorized long-distance travel unless you’re mission critical, as it were.)

Things are happening.


I got the J&J one dose deal, and I feel like I got the bobo version. Like everyone else is getting Nikes and I’m getting Sketchers.


Now they are saying that the JJ shit is 100% effective.


Naw, Dude. People think that because the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were developed BEFORE the new strains came and therefore touted as more effective. The J&J vaccine was developed after the strains so it effectiveness takes the strains into account while the earlier vaccines didn’t.

So, in sum, you got the same design materials as the Nikes, but there’s a Costco label.


Ah yes, the Kirkland brand. Just as good but you don’t go bragging about it.


Just signed up for the J&J for Friday and I don’t even have a Costco membership!


i got the J&J

about 24 hours in and i think i had a slight headache…but i’m good otherwise!!!


The worst part about getting your single dose vaccination at Costco is that you have to get 12 of them.


Got my first one (Oxford) Monday. Two rough days but feeling better now. Had covid last December and this felt the same without lasting 4 weeks…


Got my second Pfizer shot yesterday and had no soreness or side effects with either one.

On the other hand, when I got my first shingles shot my arm hurt for four days.