Covid 19


I feel like garbage after my 2nd dose yesterday. It’s working!!! :wink:


My arm was crazy heavy and sore the following day (yesterday) but today it feels normal again.

We did not have any other symptoms.


Had headaches the day after (Sat) the J&J. Felt mild flu symptoms, took it easy Sat and Sun, and feel around 80% today.


This place is better than the news.


Day after J&J we were fatigued, some body aches and a bit tired, but that was it. Felt fully normal two days later.


I got the shot in a stadium type venue and they were playing top 40 music. When I sat down in the “recovery” area the corny song “Hurt so good” came on by Mellencamp. I thought this was intentional but then a Dua Lipa song came on and I realized it was just a coincidence.


My arm got suddenly sore the night I got the shot (~5 pm was the shot, Pfizer, soreness at like, exactly 10 pm!). Was a touch sore yesterday morning, but mostly fine otherwise. Quite tired today and pseudo nauseous, but this happens when my nerves are high/stressed. Typically work related (or women haha!)


I felt the same. I got a little pukey the day after and I’ve been considerably tired and feel…heavy.

It’s working!!!


I finally got an appointment! Heading to Joshua Tree in a week so I’m glad to at least get the first shot.


Joshua Tree Inn, Room 8 has a vacancy!


Michigan is getting another spike. I read where we have seven out of the top eight cities with the highest percentage of cases.


I am headed to my brother’s wedding in Ann Arbor next week. Right into the storm.


Have a good time and stay safe!


Any food gems we should try there? We’re staying near campus. Guitar shops? Not sure how much spare time I will have, but just in case.


Gotta go to Zingermans. About the best deli anywhere.

Not sure about the guitar shops. I think the old one that Iggy used to hang out at closed years ago, but not sure.


Love a good deli, so that’s great. It’s only like a half-mile from the hotel!


Any regional style pizza recommendations?