Covid 19


My second shot is Friday and I’m already worried about side effects and whether or not it comes with a free U2 album


I hope not. It’s impossible to get rid of.




This second shot has sucked. I don’t feel awful or anything. I just have zero energy. I constantly feel like I need rest. I actually feel a little like I did when I had Covid. I have heard that the second shot is rougher for people who have actually had Covid.


I had my first shot on Thursday (AZ/Oxford), and about 5 mins later, I had a weird wave of nausea come over me for a few seconds. Thought I was gonna puke, pass out or both. Luckily it went fairly quickly. I’m pretty sure I had Covid back in October, but it was fairly mild, it just caused a lack of taste and smell for a couple of weeks. I hope the second shot isn’t worse. Vomiting while sober is never fun.


A neighbor of mine who had gotten Covid back in November, had a pretty severe reaction after her second dose.



nice beer belly!


Only hard liquor for MY baby.


ED and Covid-19? Pfizer is up for it.

Dang, can’t find the right Pfizer joke/pitch for Saf’s pic.


getting my second shot this Saturday. I’m mentally preparing to get leveled.


Time to watch Antiviral!!! :thermometer:


Definitely in more pain with the second shot. My arm is swollen and so sore it hurts to even move it.

I’m running a low fever but nothing major.


I have my second dose in about a half hour. My midwife recommended to be super hydrated for the second one, so glugging down some Vitamin Water after doing some Hydrant. I was told to take Tylenol for any fever going over 101, but my arm didn’t get sore until the middle of the night last time, so I probably won’t have anything to monitor for at least half a day.


The arm pain is massive with the second dose. Be prepared for that and potentially not having the use of that arm for two to three days.

Also, you drink Hydrant?
They are a new customer of ours at the company where I work. Not my customer but my friend’s customer. I did not like the flavor I tried.


I hate to drink water, so the idea that I can drink 1/3 of as much per day is attractive to me and worth choking down once a day… Hydrant is not as good as Liquid IV and it’s way more expensive. I saw it on sale at Walmart and decided to try it to decide which one to go with. Liquid IV not only tasted better, it was also much more effective. Nuun was complete garbage. It doesn’t dissolve, it doesn’t make you feel hydrated, and while the flavor is good, you have to wait 30 minutes to get the tab to dissolve for slightly flavored normal water…. Ahaha.


Gotcha. It serves a purpose if you don’t like to drink water.

I pretty much only drink water and coffee and find it much harder to drink water with flavor in it.


We just got our second shot an hour ago. We play tonight 8-10. Should be interesting.


Good luck on the show.


hang in there @saf and @inky – I’ve found (and my friends too) that the second shot really hits home about 12 hrs later. For me it was aches & heavy legs and a bit of a headache. Arm was sore for a few days. Others had a fever and couldn’t move, else a pounding headache. Tylenol and gatorade!