Covid 19


Thank you! My arm is getting sore and my temp is up, but I’m keeping a close eye on it. Mostly just feel a bit out of it.


This is the third most painful experience of my life behind a hemorrhoidectomy and childbirth. I can’t believe they approved this bullshit.


Yikes! I’m sorry saf! I feel fine. My arm is a bit sore but not as bad as the first time. We expended a lot of energy last night so I slept okay. Unless something kicks in later I think we’re out of the woods. My husband chalks it up to all the weed we smoke. I won’t argue.


I never had any arm soreness or side effects with either shot… I guess I was just lucky? Or maybe inky’s hubby is right.


Seems younger people get it worse. Must be stronger immune systems get it worse.

We’re in our 40’s and had very mild fever for less than one day and I had really bad arm pain.

My niece, who is 18, had 103 fever.
My mom, who is 74, was out dancing the next day.


We’re grateful to be old for once :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m sorry you feel so shitty.
From everyone I’ve talked to, by the next day you’re worlds better than the day after the shot.

Hang in there. Drink as much water as possible and take Tylenol. :blossom:

I put ice on my arm every couple of hours and that helped too.


I haven’t given birth, but I can honestly say that kidney stone surgery and its aftermath was a million times worse than a hemorrhoidectomy. It was the worst.

On that note, happy Mother’s Day!


Lol, thanks. Mine was thrombosed and external and they warned me it would hurt, but I still came off the table like a scene in the exorcist and embarrassed the living fuck out of myself. I told my husband at least when I fractured my spine they gave me good drugs…. I can’t even take Advil. But yes, silver lining, no better day to avoid doing anything than Mother’s Day.


ahh sorry you got hit so hard :frowning: but happy mother’s day! Hope you and the other mothers here can take it easy today


The only issue I have with this is that every sign is spelled correctly.


I just re-read this entire thread from beginning to end.
2020 was a crazy, crazy year.