Covid 19


Aren’t you kind of young for that? I thought it was for 65+…


No, it’s 50+. I just turned 50 last year. There is a new shingles vaccine that is recommended at that age. The old one was 65+, I think. My wife got shingles in her late 40s, and it was miserable. I jumped at the chance to get it.


sorry you’re feeling terrible @saf! Hope things are looking up now!

I had the Pfizer x3 with the booster now; first shot was some arm soreness; second was super sore arm + achey + headache + tired for a few days. Just about the same on the booster.


Finally almost back to normal, I got my last fever at about 3am… I kept thinking it was over but it would just be the ibuprofen was working to stop the fever and when it wore off I’d start shivering again and have body pain. Definitely not getting another booster when it’s this cold, I could sense the windows like one of the lower tier students at Xavier Academy.


good to hear!

My friend who’s an MD always recommends Tylenol to me instead of ibuprofen for the vaccine side effects, for whatever that is worth. (Otherwise, I’ve used ibuprofen for any ache and pain)


glad to hear you’re better!


So, Omicron caught up to me about 2 weeks ago. 1st night had bad fever and chills and then spent 4 days completely exhausted. All good now. Had a booster this week which made me feel a bit off, but just for a day. Well, at least I was laid up for the 1st round of NFL playoffs.


Get mine on Sunday. At least there are two games while I’m couch bound.


i just got done w/ my bout of covid. had two days of pretty achy body, lethargy, sore dry scratchy throat and waves of fever

feeling better, tested negative and back to work.


Hope everyone is feeling better now i.e. Balv, Ikeamonkey and Saf. Hoping to see Rod and Ghar in some fantasy sports again soon!


for sure dude!

i just renewed the 2 baseball leagues. you have one you manage too, right?


Both my parents got COVID .

My dad lies in the hospital, dying.

Worst experience I’ve been through. Feel so bad for him, and I’m helpless. Mom is recovered but not allowed to visit. They have been married 67 years and he’s 93.


oh no doug. this fucking sucks.

67 years!!! that is beautiful.

is dying because of covid or did he have underlying symptoms prior?


Jeez Dougo that is awful to hear.


He has some underlying respiratory issues and was hospitalized a week and a half ago with COVID pneumonia.


I am so sorry Dougo.


Damn it, Doug! I’m so sorry. Can we do anything?


So sorry to hear Doug!


Shit. I’m so sorry, Dougo.

I hope things turn around. :heartpulse:


Thank you all so much… He had a pretty good day yesterday when my mom was able to visit for the first time. The night before, after I mentioned something about Valentines Day, he said to me I need a card for mom. And I about fell over because he had been so out of it for several days - only having clarity in his conversations about basketball. I thought oh shit, I hope the gift shop is still open and I quickly raced down to the gift shop that had just closed. I knocked on the glass door when I saw the clerk just closing down the register. After a couple knocks she came to the door and I begged her to let me pick out a Valentines Day card. She said come on in, and I picked out something pretty in about 30 seconds and brought it up to the register, she said no problem, go ahead and take it along with a rose for your mom. I returned to my dad’s room with a pen and thought I’d see if he could sign it. He took out the pen and wrote in his standard cursive… it was very sweet. I was just getting ready to get kicked out as visiting hours were coming to an end. I stopped at their apartment on the way home and gave it to my mom - she just got out of isolation the day before. She was SO HAPPY to get this card and rose from him. Then yesterday I got the word that she could come up for a visit, so I picked her up and brought her to his room at the hospital. He’s certainly not out of the woods yet, and may not make it home, but there were some great moments they got to share together… after 67 years of marriage they deserve at least that.

The look on my mom’s face when I asked her to pull down her mask for just a second says it all.