Covid 19


God, how beautiful, totally teary.


Now that’s a Valentine’s Day story for the ages.


So wonderful Dougo :heart:


I started to weep.


Sadly, today was about as bad as the last day and a half were good.

Even though physically he is about where he was yesterday, he is just giving up and doesn’t want to eat or do anything that will help him improve. Mom couldn’t help me keep his spirits up. The hospital is no place to try to get better.

His case worker called this morning to say he is on schedule to be discharged on Friday, but he’s having none of that and wants to be gone before then.

Now I’m starting to think I am being a disservice to him by helping with his recovery. Mom thinks it’s the steroids talking, but it sounds like him.


I’m so sorry. It’s so damn hard.


Man, Dougo, that’s really rough. I’m sure it’s hard and you feel conflicted. I think the only thing I can truly suggest is that you be there for your mom. She needs you regardless of the outcome. Hang in there and please let us know if you need anything.


Thanks Nick. My mom is stronger than I am and she’s doing remarkably well. Hoping for a good day, just going one at a time.


wish i was there just to give you a hug dougo. hang in there sir. your mom is strong now but she’ll need you when she’s ready.



Great day today so far…

Planning his discharge papers for tomorrow. He’s headed to the nursing home that is connected to their apartment. His attitude is completely different today. I’m thinking he might be over the hump.


great news dougo.






You must be feeling happy Doug. Love those great days.


great news! Hope it continues!


My dad passed away early this morning.

He had been trying to get a good nights sleep for a month now. He finally got his wish. He said 93 was enough years.


That’s very sad Dougo. How’s your mother and everyone else doing?


I’m sorry Dougo. My heart goes out to you.


i wish i could be right by you and give you a hug…not that that will do anything but I just admire and love you so darn much doug…i feel your pain sir. biggest hug and loves your way


I’m so sorry, Dougo. I appreciate your outlook.

I hope your family is ok and I’ll be thinking of you all. :heart: