Covid 19


I’m really sorry to hear Doug; I hope you and your family find your way through this and keep his spirit alive in your memories and stories.


I’m sorry for your loss. I hope you & your family are doing ok.


Thinking of you all Doug.


I’m so sorry for your loss, Dougo. My deepest condolences to you and your family.


Thanks all. My mom is hanging in there. 67 years of marriage is a long time and they both relied so much on each other.


My condolences. Sorry for your loss.


sounds like they are both amazing peeps. that’s quite the legacy…plus, they made some amazing boys


Doug, I am sorry I am just reading this. I am so sorry for your loss. 67 years of genuine adoration is something we could all aspire to. Hang in there!


Second set of free COVID tests being offered.


So both my daughters and my grandchildren all have Covid now it seems. My sweet little Haven has a 103º temp. None seem really bad now, I hope this all passes quickly.


In our experience it passes in about 24 hours in the little ones. Can be tough on those a little older though. Fingers crossed for them


Yeah the littles are pretty resilient.

I am just a ball of worry about Haven though, with all she went through when she was born. Her lungs and heart had a lot of issues with CHD when she was born and went through open heart surgery when when was 5 days old.


Yeah, that does raise the concern man. My niece had a hole in her heart at birth, similar issues and immune system issues with thyroid. She was fine with covid recently though (she’s 5 now)

Hope things roll OK the same way, latest variants seem to be less aggressive.


Yes, it seems to pass fairly quickly through most. She’s only a year and a half old though, and her Bebop (me) worries about her pretty much all the time.


I tested positive for Covid yesterday; it started as a sore throat and congestion Monday evening, and now aching all over (especially kidneys) and a low fever (99.5 this morning). I’ve been laying down for most of yesterday, and presumably at least all day today.


:disappointed: I’m sorry, Neb. Hope it’ll be easy on you. Just rest up.

Several people at my company in KY and in CA have tested positive this week.


sorry neb! my parents got it twice in a month. they’re feeling a bit better now…taking my dad fishing tomorrow, so he must be doing well.

stay hydrated and rest well neb!


My son got it twice within a 4 week period. We just had friends cancel dinner plans bc they got it (either from a beach trip or their son being in summer school/camp).

Anyone on the board in health care? Curious about their experiences now.


Thanks guys! Sorry to hear @thebalvenie @Ely_Plains your families got it twice in a month! That sounds super frustrating

I’m hanging in there ok; I think the congestion is loosening up. Fever is still around 99. I think the aches are going away. All things considered, it’s not awful in terms of my symptoms; pretty tired most of the time, and random waves of super tired. I slept about 11 hrs last night which I think was good.


I had Covid back in the winter. Afterward I noticed a few patches of dry itchy skin. Didn’t think much of it. Turned out to be a lingering symptom of Covid. I couldn’t get rid of them and by the end of summer things got really bad. I had a rash over most of my upper body and it ended up infected. I was fortunate to get help quickly and after prescription skin cream, antibiotics and lots of Prednisone I am feeling really good. But I gotta be more careful.