Covid 19


Good god, that sounds so awful! Glad you are feeling better!


Did it affect your cardio? I know you are an avid cyclist…


jesus bud. sorry! fucking prednisone is wicked shit. you’re fully recovered though? better now?


Well, me, my husband, and both babies have tested positive. :grimacing:


I just got my fifth COVID shot. Two regular boosters and now the bivalent booster. I’m still walking around with masks wherever I go.


Godspeed. We had it about a month ago, wasn’t too bad, but I had a terrible sore through for a full week.


Sending you our best. Hunker down, lots of soup. Look after each other x


I just got your postcard, thank you!!!


I’m sorry @saf and hope all of you are feeling ok.



hope you guys are okay? how are the symptoms?


My husband and the babies are on the mend for sure, yesterday both babies were in a better mood but neither one had any sense of balance, today they’re both jolly and have sea legs. My husband says he feels better each day, but I can still hear he has sinus congestion and a nasty cough. I contracted it last, I’m like two days behind everyone else. I have no sense of smell or taste, allergy symptoms, muscle aches, extreme fatigue. It’s nowhere near as bad as my immune response to the vaccines though, so I really feel lucky.


I’m not sure if I mentioned this in the midst of our HVAC issues in the summer. As if having to be in a hotel for a couple weeks while I was frantically trying to figure out how to fix things wasn’t enough, my wife got really sick and had a rash on her back.

It was determined she had shingles and that made for an absolutely miserable couple of weeks for her. She’s got lots of other health issues but it still seemed like it was worse than I have heard shingles described (which is pretty freaking awful).

She was lying in the dark, hardly able to move or talk. She said she had never been in an much pain in her life. That’s saying a lot from someone with her health history. I can roll with these punches pretty well in general. We have been through a lot together. Usually I have at least a couple contingency plans but I had no idea what to do. She’s a complicated case because of her connective tissue disorder and everything that goes along with it. More often than not the emergency room tries to push her out as soon as possible because they don’t know what to do. Especially in the semi-rural area where we live with so many people coming to the ER seeking pain killers. Two of our local hospitals don’t even administer pain meds in the ER. We would have had to go to UCLA medical center about 2 hours away and I honestly thought the trip might make her worse in ways I didn’t know yet.

We tested her for Covid a few times with home tests during that period and they were all negative. One of her doctors told us that a covid infection can sometimes trigger shingles. We were doubtful because of the tests but later on her immunologist did the spike protein test to see if she had a natural infection as opposed to just the vaccine antibodies. She had one in early July and it was negative. Low and behold this one came back positive so she was dealing with Covid and shingles at the same time on top of all of her other stuff.

She is still recovering but doing much better than she was by a long shot. Our PCP says getting the vaccine helps some long haulers so I hope that will assist when we can get our hands on it. We were afraid she wasn’t going to be able to go on a girls’ trip this week but we think she’s well enough. Of course, it is in South Carolina and may get cancelled because of Hurricane Ian.

The last 10 months have been the worst year we have ever had for a variety of reasons. Losing our dog in December, her health, the HVAC system, deaths and dying of friends and family, long stretches of depression, etc. Hopefully we are just getting it out of the way and things even out for a while.

Fuck… This sure turned into a pity party I’m throwing for myself. Honestly, I’m pretty hopeful for the next few months. It has just been a lot lately.


I’m sorry Willie. Sounds fucked. I hope it moves in a better direction soon.


I’m sorry to hear this, Wilhelm.

I also hope this turns around. And if Martin Luther King, Jr. were here, he’d agree with me.

My wife had Covid 15 days ago, still has symptoms. She has the profile of a long-hauler (e.g. illnesses usually last longer w/her, maybe due to an undiagnosed immune disorder). We’ll see.

I’m the only person in our household that hasn’t had a positive test.


Sorry to hear about this. It’s been a really tough year for you and your wife. Feel all the self-pity you need to, you’ve earned it. This too shall pass.


jesus christ wilson. hopeful for you and with you!!!


Excellent callback.

Shortly after she had it I had a few days of being tired but I attributed that to dealing with the house situation, caretaking, and (thankfully) camping a couple days while her mom was in town to help. I was with her in close proximity for hours every day so hopefully I got it as well.

Like I mentioned earlier, I have heard from a couple of doctors that there is some evidence that getting the vaccine after the infection has improved long hauler symptoms.

I think we aren’t even beginning to understand the long term effects of this. My wife and I are both part of a Facebook group for people dealing with autonomic dysfunction. Pre covid the group was at about 3,000 people for years. a year into covid it was 20,000 strong. For selfish reasons, we hope the added cases will make finding treatments a higher priority but it is awful to know so many people are suffering.

In that group a ton of people reported the vaccine drastically helped with the long haul symptoms. So take that for what it is worth.

Good luck!


My lady had been vaxxed and boosted before she got the infection. I wonder if getting the next booster will help.


Oh! I didn’t know this. My mother, my sister, and myself have POTS. That’s why I’m so crazy about liquid IV and salt. It’s well controlled, my sister is the worst, she can’t drive. But I can do funny things like lie in bed and hallucinate that it’s tilting backwards on demand.


Jesus! That sounds fucking awful. I’m sorry you guys had to go through that.