Covid 19


Thanks for the support :slight_smile:


POTS is crazy. Sometimes she goes through exactly what you are saying.

Her connective tissue disorder is crazy. Sometimes it affects things one way, sometimes another. Like, she can be in bed not moving at all and her blood pressure and heart rate can just jump or drop dramatically for no reason at all.

It can cause symptoms similar to MS in that the tissue which lines the nerves is connective tissue so it can thin out and misfire.

Glad sodium helps out! Liquid IV is a life saver around here.


My wife was vaxxed up to date with boosters at the time as well. Can’t imagine how bad it would have been had she not been.


That does sound like you guys have been going through a bad spell. Hope it brightens for you and yours, Willie.


My goddamn neighbor infected me when we talked about condo board business. Now I’m on paxlovid. Jesus Christ.


Get well soon, dear.


Thanks, hon.


I hear you feel worse on paxlovoid at first, there’s some kind of weird Covid rebound for a few days?


From what I’ve read, you can get rebound after you finish the five days of treatment, not during the treatment. It’s unclear how common that is. I have some heart problems, and so I’m taking it to avoid more serious things.


And by “heart problems,” I mean:



So far, the only side effect of Paxlovid is a bitter medicine taste that is apparently due to the medication being secreted in saliva and that sticks around all day and night. It’s not fun, but my cough pretty much stopped a few hours after the first dose.


Hope you feel better.