Culinary Arts


Yum, dougo. Those sound amazing.


Here’s an interesting article from a restauranteur in NYC.


We’ve been cooking with parsnips a lot lately.

I made beef stew in the insta-pot last night and used 'snips, celery, carrots, beef and more garlic than should be allowed by law. No potatoes and it turned out great. We use that insta-pot quite a bit.


I got mine two Christmases ago and still haven’t taken it out of the box!!!



You should give it a try. We do ribs, beef stew, chicken and barbacoa… just to name a few


I made a batch of stuffed Hungarian peppers last night. I put a mixture of pork sausage, onion and rice In the peppers, then mixed together a sauce and some cheese and cooked them for an hour. Turned out great.


We had two friends over for the first time. We had not seen them since the Super Bowl.

I made crab dip, a Maryland specialty. It was delicious.


I made a fig tart, since our fig tree is really large and productive this year.


i mad a Tig Fart


I was hoping someone was going to make that joke. And there really was only one candidate.


Just look at that fucking delicious tart.


Gimme a slice of that pie.


All the places around here have crab dip on the menu. Or at least all the independent TGIF-type places. Always a gooey rich treat.


Yes, every place in Maryland too.
Zero places in Kentucky, except my house. :slight_smile:


I made another fig tart. Looks a lot like the first one, so I didn’t get a pic.


I made a batch of brownies for our New Years celebration. We declined on a couple small neighborhood parties.

I’ve perfected my recipe, I think. I drizzle chocolate “shell” sauce over them, then dust the top with Heath bar brickle.They are made with my special green butter.


I made some chicken enchiladas that were delicious.


Jesus H dougo
That all looks like a wet dream I once had. When can I come over?


My friend makes magical hard candy and it is as beautiful as it is tasty.


I just somehow found out about Mangonadas, and now I’m afraid I need to get or make them.