Culinary Arts


Don’t forget the Tajin. I put that shit on everything, but it is reallllly good on mangoes. And pizza. And cole slaw. And roast pork. And chicken. And…


Is that what is sprinkled around the rim?



I love that stuff, got some from a Mexican shop in a tiny village in South East England!


It is marketed specifically as a rimmer sometimes, but is used for many things. Buy some and thank me later.


I hear so is Meade.


Your hand. I eat it from my hand.


I put it on my ice cream.


we use tajin for a lot of stuff…but mainly for popcorn or elotes. it’s fucking deeeeelish


So my friend took his dad up north to their cabin last week. When they were young their dad used to hunt rabbits and squirrels. My friend who is interested in living off what he finds and hunts found four varieties of mushrooms that he cooked up to go with the two squirrels he shot. He said “Tastes like chicken”.


Looks damn good


I just ordered a bottle.
Never heard of it.


Let me know the uses you find for it! It’s really a wonderful thing.