Culinary Arts


we are going to bake some peppered cured bacon with brown sugar…candied black peppered bacon

then i’ll slap that on some mother fucking toasted bread…i’ll think slice some tomatoes and jam that in there too…then…wait for it…then i think i’ll add a lettuce leaf or two.

i’ll call it a bacon and vegetable sandwich

could be good.


Hip hip…




the BVS turned out amazing.

my daughter saved the extras for her lunch today.

we’re pretty lucky in that are good friends w/ a family in town and the dad works at the bacon factory

so we get about 50 lbs of bacon from him every year.

i think i paid 54 for it and i think that’s good


I remembered this book when you posted the Mingus eggnog recipe. It’s out of print now but I used to have it.
I think I bought it because Keith Richards’ shepherd pie recipe was in there.
I never did get around to making it and then I lost the book…

But I found this book yesterday:

(I’ll put it in the box later today.)


Yakitori/Chick Pea salad/cold Sapporo beer !!


Miso and Mirin marinated Rump, Chicken Wings-The thing I’ve learnt this year is that Everything tastes better when cooked over Charcoal !!:beer:


Khao Soi -Curry Noodle soup with Chicken from Chiang Mai - So Good !!! perfect sunday night fare here in Brissy .




Food in Seoul, BBQ Pork 1&2,Bibimbap and Banchan(sidedishes) 3 Spicey Fish curry 4.


My favorite restaurant makes this delicious Grilled Romaine salad with tomatoes and shaved parmigian and sun dried tomato vinaigrette.

I’ve been wanting to recreate it at home and tonight I finally did it. Also helps that I found this Artisan Romaine. Like baby Romaine hearts. Turned out pretty great:

Mine is not as neat and I added cucumber. And grilled chicken.


Had some good friends visit on the weekend and had a big make your own Sushi party with some Gyoza and Teriyaki Chicken as well !


Looks delicious, LB! :sparkling_heart:


Oishisooooooo!!! :heart_eyes:


Yeah pretty good, the wife bought a whole Salmon(1/2 went to a friend) from the market and prepared it all, we freeze the rest for other things, and made Gyoza’s for the kids, but I must admit I had a few too !!


Peak edamame season here!!
It’s so nice to be able to get my hands on fresh edamame again as opposed to the frozen ones that I could only get in Hawaii.


And ready to eat!:

Cold beer + edamame = perfect match! :heart:




Mint chocolate chip Oreo ice cream pie:


One of my favorites, along with candy cane ice cream pie for the holidays.


we make peppermint ice cream for christmas dinner

love it