Culinary Arts


I made Chicken Parm tonight. It was pretty epic.




Instant Pot changed my life. Too many recipes here to list. Get one and shave your cook time in 1/4.


Pot changed my life. Get yourself some and sit on the couch.


Kidding. I’m looking up Instant Pot now. Thanks Ely.


Me too.


If you’re high, it’s a good fit. You can make oatmeal in 20 minutes and it tastes like it’s been cooking for 6 hours.

I know Inky doesn’t eat the carne, but you can cook a beef short rib in 40 minutes, when it usually takes 8 hours.

It’s astonishing. If you cook a lot at home, it’s BOSS.


I’m definitely interested. Some of those recipes look really good. Unfortunately most of them end with “cake”


we love ours :wink:


Good bit about defending Guy Fieri (disregard the Bourdain reference)



This was the best key lime pie I’ve ever eaten.
Redlands Grill. Server never came to us to get our order. They gave us this to say sorry. Well worth it.



Free food is always the best tasting!




Lettuce doesn’t work as well. It picks up juices & flavors & gets soggy.


Getting an instant pot for Christmas. I’ve heard nothing but great things. Guess I won’t use my crockpot anymore though.


I’ve been using a lot of plantains lately.


There’s a lot of different instant pots. 7 in 1, 6 in 1, etc.

Which one do you guys have?


Are you asking yourself questions?


I’m interested in maybe getting one too. We use our crock pot a couple times a week.

I’m going to check Costco and see what they have.


Yes. I usually have all the answers.