Culinary Arts


Doing some research today too. Target has them 25% off. Amazon has many. Bed Bath and Beyond has with a 20% off coupon and then there’s always Costco! Let me know what you find.

I’m looking at the largest one they have bc we usually make bigger batches of stuff.


The only one they have at Costco is $114.99.

Seems like that is a pretty big one… 6-quart


There’s 6 quart for $99 at Target right now.


Amazon for $79


we use our insta pot all the time. can’t remember the last time we used our crock pot.

great for soups, rice, broth, beans, short ribs, etc

i drink a lot of bone broth so it’s frickin perfect for it. makes some of the best tasting and robust broth …
perfect chicken and vegetable soup. wife just did beef barley last weekend and chili last night.


That was my go-to gift this year for couples. I’m horrible at buying gifts for people because I don’t really hang out with anyone enough to know wtf they’re into. If it’s any indication of how terrible I am, I bought 8 of these this year. el oh el


This is the one we have. Unless you’re the Octomom or part of the Duggar family, I think it fits most family’s needs.


I have 19 children.


Fur children?

Fo reals, you will love an instant pot. If you are already skilled in the kitchen, this is like discovering a super power.

No offense with the .GIF. Balv is here and I have to do this.


I doubt I could even handle 19 fur children but I’d try that before I tried raising 19 humans! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m picking out which instant pot to get tonight and ordering it. It’s just confusing with 7 in 1, 8 in 1, 10 in one. I want the best one.

Only reason I’d go for 8 qt is so we could have a lot of leftovers to take for lunch for a few days.

Thanks for the help!


My wife went out to get one at Kohl’s… she’s got a 40% off discount there or something.


Made this in the old crock pot yesterday. Pretty tasty!


I ordered this one:


We got the smaller 3-qt. model.

Good price with the discount.


My mom is buying it for my Christmas present! :christmas_tree:


Yay !


Looks tasty!


Crock pot carnitas are a staple at my house.


Did you guys buy any accessories with your instant pot? I ordered a steamer basket yesterday.


I bought a few rings/seals, because I don’t want my oatmeal to have vague notes of curry or short ribs.