Culinary Arts


We haven’t opened it up or gotten into it yet… gonna wrap it up and save it for Christmas morning then we can be surprised at what Santa brought us.

After that we may spring for some accessories.


Went to the market this morning and bought a belly of Salmon, Wife is cutting it into fillets for BBQ and we’ll have some Fresh today for Sushi party !!


We won’t open ours til Christmas either.

I’m excited to try it!


Ready to eat !


Looks delicious!!
We just had sashimi for dinner the other night, too.
Japanese amberjack is in season now so we had some of that and some pacific yellowfin tuna and flounder. All caught wild, too. It was pretty darn tasty!
Oh, and all of that went really well with some local sake. :yum:


I ate these when I was home for thanksgiving and loved them. Sounds easy to make so I’m trying them out for Christmas. They’re like light cheesecake in the middle and cinnamon sugar on top. Dough is pilsbury crescent dough. Easy!


These came out perfect and delicious!!!


They look perfect! And they look delicious! :yum:


I have one and rate it but do find some things like chilli are a bit wet for my liking, and it’s a hassle reducing it all down when the idea of the pot is to make things quicker. Does do a joint of beef quick and tender though.


Luna helped make a Pavlova on the weekend down at our friends place, Meringue, Cream and Fruit, YumBo !!