Culinary Arts




Getting my grub on in Charleston.


That all looks terrific, especially that gnocchi. Sardinian?


Yep, Sardinian goat cheese gnocchi. Yum :slight_smile:


I went to the NRA show in Chicago over the weekend (not that NRA).

The National Restaurant Association 100th anniversary show at McCormick Place. It is a huge trade show for foods, tools and anything else related to the business. The guest chef at the booth I was visiting is Paul Kahan, a master chef from Chicago making plant-based Chorizo tacos that were tremendous. These tacos are featured at the BigStar restaurants in Chicago… I love that name.

Here’s his profile picture from the materials:

Seems like a cool dude.


exile–need to try something besides yogurt in our sous vide. Maybe minus the blowtorch.


Can’t really go wrong with chicken breast for something simple, chuck a bit of butter, pepper and rosemary in with it, then about an hour at 149f


Great texture


We’ve been a bit of a parsnip kick lately.
In our vegetable beef soup we make in the instaPot we’ve been using a lot of it and it is quite flavorful. I have been substituting these ‘snips for carrots.


New spot in my neighborhood: Biscuit Belly.
It was delicious.


Got Coals pizza tonight. It was blissful.


Then I took the last of my chocolate ice cream and made this. Wow.


The Vitamix had those Oreos drinkable in about two seconds!


I made stuffed manicotti tonight and beef stew with rutabaga a couple days ago.


i made this and it turned out fucking spectacular :slight_smile: finished w/ a nice Barq’s Root Beer :sunny:

i’d post a pic but we ate too fast…i did pepperoni w/ extra cheese.


I made some Cocoa Krispy Treats. They are special. I used up the last of my herb butter and it took 6 heaping tablespoons. Mixed that over low heat with the marshmallow paste and dumped in 6 cups of the cereal. after I had stirred then mashed them into the pan on wax paper I dusted them with a half a packet of Swiss Miss hot chocolate. Then flipped them over and dusted the other side with the other half. These ones turned out the best so far. Tasty, and special as fuck.



what cd did you listen to?


I’ve slipped back into the world of jazz lately - mostly 50’s - 70’s era… but I haven’t listened to a CD in months. It’s all vinyl all the time at home, CD’s are in the car which is parked in the garage.


i’ve slowly and quietly been moving my stuff back into the house…i want my garage to be home to my vinyl…it’s warm, finished and will be a good place to house it…can’t wait to set up the new record player…

it’s this one:


That sounds excellent! I’ll need to try that.