Culinary Arts




Getting my grub on in Charleston.


That all looks terrific, especially that gnocchi. Sardinian?


Yep, Sardinian goat cheese gnocchi. Yum :slight_smile:


I went to the NRA show in Chicago over the weekend (not that NRA).

The National Restaurant Association 100th anniversary show at McCormick Place. It is a huge trade show for foods, tools and anything else related to the business. The guest chef at the booth I was visiting is Paul Kahan, a master chef from Chicago making plant-based Chorizo tacos that were tremendous. These tacos are featured at the BigStar restaurants in Chicago… I love that name.

Here’s his profile picture from the materials:

Seems like a cool dude.


exile–need to try something besides yogurt in our sous vide. Maybe minus the blowtorch.


Can’t really go wrong with chicken breast for something simple, chuck a bit of butter, pepper and rosemary in with it, then about an hour at 149f


Great texture