Deciding whether to buy older RA albums on vinyl


I never bought a vinyl copy of Heartbreaker. I feel bad for the record stores who are stuck holding that inventory because of the past demand of people like me. If I do buy it I won’t take it out of the packaging


mine are 25 bucks each
double is 45

i’ve already sold 3

box set is 100
i have the prisoner one
live at carnegie hall


I’d only get Heartbreaker


I was wondering to myself if, given the chance, I’d want to be his friend. But I think he’d be a shitty and self-absorbed friend. Ryan seems like the kind of guy who borrows your car so he can take your girl out and force himself on her



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Haven’t bought any but man are the prices dropping. I saw the self-titled at Amoeba still in shrink wrap for 12 bucks