Did I mention that I was channelled / contacted by an extraterrestrial being?


It was weird. Went through a Long Dark Night and something scanned my brain. It showed me a vision of hell as earth - a prison planet - and it scanned my memory for the women I loved. It wanted to know my love / light centers. As the session ended my vision became light like someone shined a light in my face but i was in a dark room trying to sleep. It was a trip. I hadn’t had drugs for days though.


probably your best poem yet!!!


Was it Doogie?


but that last dose was killer, no?


Cannabis edibles are weird


Don’t smoke them next time.


They’re edibles - you eat them.


I know I was making a funny, but … ya.


you smoked your edibles?


I’ve eaten my smokables before, but never smoked my edibles.


Edibles just give me a big body high and make me lazy for 4-5 hours. But I know some people have different reactions and kind of trip or hallucinate.


I am Ra. I need to gather some Hebrew slaves to build new pyramids.