Distance Learning Torture Tactics


I opened up my daughter’s iPad today to find that they’re subjecting us to a “Holiday Spirit Week…” Starting today. Get a load of these themes…who tf has this stuff for a 6 year old? I would be hard pressed to participate myself!

Monday - Ugly Sweater Day
Tuesday - Candy Cane Day
Wednesday - Shine Bright like a Light Day (literally asking us to string our children)
Thursday - Ho-Ho-Ho Holiday Attire Day
Friday - Favorite Holiday Movie Character Day

Next week is pajama day and it was the first time I was embarrassed to note that my daughter’s absolute refusal to wear anything but sun dresses to bed means that she’ll be hard pressed to even do that. Any way, just had to tell someone before I get her up in 3 minutes and have to have this conversation.



I knitted one of these Tecumseh sweaters last year, that’s going to have to serve for day one here.


Great job on the sweater!


nice :slight_smile:
we expect pics when you string her up w/ lights :laughing:


Well, I feel like I set myself up to have to keep responding with every pathetic attempt this week, so stay tuned. No idea what I’m going to do for Candy Cane day… Probably have to use freezer tape >_<

Her teacher just asked her “Do you think that’s an ugly sweater?” and she said “Not really, but it is KIND OF.” Ahaha!


Happy Candy Cane Day.


ha! love it


Is that masking/packing tape?


Yes! Totally masking tape… what can you do? I can’t believe they picked such weird themes at a time when we’re not supposed to leave the house to run errands… things are about to get even more creative, especially on Favorite Christmas Movie Character day…


john candy in home alone?


I WISH I had a yellow sateen beer jacket and a clarinet!


She hated this, she decided it was too weird of a theme to go with, so lucky for me I don’t have to try to mother mind her while she’s on a call covered in LEDs.


ha haahha…

this is awesome.


Don’t forget your gift bag!


these are great.

i look forward to these every morning.

tell your daughter she has to do this for the rest of the year


I literally spent an hour + last night on tomorrow’s finale item which is mostly made out of an Alaskan Red beer case. If I had to do this every day, I would have to put the baby up for sale. Thank you for your support! The best part of these has been sharing them. :slight_smile:


I forgot to mention too, the best part of the bag idea was when I ran out of packaging tape for the shoulder straps, and so I had to use cling wrap to make the back side of the tape not sticky on the right shoulder. I had wanted to do tissue paper too, but you know, I used the last of that mailing presents out, so instead I managed to pull the handles out of the bag to make the Cindy Lou Who hair ribbons.


You’re now out of toilet paper just before Xmas? Wow, are you in for some trouble!


What do they call this in England?


So, torture does work. :wink:

These are adorable photos.