Do any of you boys trim your boys?


Talking about manscaping here. Do you trim your tackle and bobbers?

Well, if you do I implore you to NOT use products from They have a VERY convincing ad campaign. One of the best I’ve ever scene; on the same level as Squatty Potty and Dollar Shave Club. I’ve purchased both of those products. They are excellent products. :slight_smile:

But Manscaped sells an electric razor for ya boys the call The Lawnmower 2.0 and their tagline for the push is “Your Balls Will Thank You.”. Well, guess what? I feel like my junk lost a fight with a blender. The razor works pretty well on any part of your body that ISN’T your doink and plums.

And I bought the whole product line, too. The electric razor, the safety razor (not for my goobers, obviously) the bottle products and even the cologne. The cologne, btw, called “Refined” first smells like your sense of smell was assaulted by someone who shoved and entire grapefruit up your nostrils and then disappeared like a ninja a few hours later because the scent does not last.

I’m going back to cleaning up with a (now) traditional razor…when my kiwis heal.

Also, I really hope I gave you a visiual that you can not evade. :slight_smile:



i do a little trimming myself. makes my dick look huge when i scraped off all the jungle around it. also, i can highly recommend Gold Bond Nut Sack Spray ™

Gold Bond Nut Sack Spray: not just for pussies.


I like less clutter.


I don’t have a tackle or bobbers so this doesn’t relate to me but I enjoyed reading it! :rofl:

Wishing your kiwis a speedy recovery!


I’ve noticed that the onslaught of grays down there has directly affected the amount of time I pluck


Nice tagline!


i swear by this stuff…keeps me fresh as a fuckin daisy
but can sting after the trim but acts like an after shave and i don’t get all fucked up like monkster


Sure. I occasionally use a #2 clipper on my dingles and dangle.

Not looking for a close shave, really.


You PLUCK?!?


Nick does seem like a full on 70’s porn bush kind of guy to me.


If I could be a different ethnicity, I think I’d like to be a 6’ 4" Asian.

You know, to keep people off-balance, but also not be hirsute.



It’s imperative to get rid of any gray pubes I find.



yeah. i’m sharing this.


James McAvoy Used His Grandad’s Razor To Shave His Balls! | The Graham Norton Show:


Let’s not get crazy…