Do I sound like John Denver?


Just curious. Some people say I sound just like him. It used to bother me because I wanted to be original. But now I realize no one is original anyway, so I accept it. What do Y’all think?




Do I sound bad, though ? I think I have a decent voice.


You don’t sound bad at all, but you don’t sound like John Denver.


I think you’re singing is quite good. I’m taking a guess here. But, I think folks might get a John Denver vibe because you’re image seems rather wholesome & you’re songs are on the positive side. That’s not a bad thing. At least that’s where I see & hear the John Denver similarities. Dude, just go with it!! I probably have almost every John Denver album. I was exposed to all kinds of music as a young kid in the 70’s. The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Willie Nelson, John Denver, The Chipmunks. I’ve just always loved listening to music. All kinds of genres.


This is why I’m hesitant to post too many videos of myself playing guitar and singing. You’ve ruined my experience playing music, Meade.


Meade has a clearer voice than I do but he sounds too disconnected from reality. At least I have a familiar flat American voice similar to Conor Oberst so I think I’m more edgy but honest.


Not bad. Do you cover any other tunes? How about Burning Down The House by Talking Heads? j/k I like Conor Oberst though.


I did a Mountain Goats cover too. That’s all right now. I had some older covers from years ago but deleted them


I think you sound like John Denver towards the end of his career… particularly the last five minutes of it


I’m not familiar with The Mountain Goats. What album of theirs is the best one to start with? This board is a great place for new music recommendations. But, I guess that’s the main purpose of this board. Seriously, let me know. I’m always interested in finding good, new (to me) music. Thanks!!


Start with The Sunset Tree


Thanks!! I’ll be downloading it in just a few moments. I see that their discography is quite extensive. That’s cool. If I like them, I’ll have a lot of stuff to pick up & listen to. Thanks again!!


I have 4 of their albums so far:

Sunset Tree (on vinyl)
We Shall All Be Healed
Beat The Champ

They have a new album out in April titled In League With Dragons


In League With Dragons, huh. In April. Hmmm…when the final season of Game of Thrones begins. Coincidence?


Of course I also have vinyl and CD’s for sale!


bruh seriously lol at this one


covers i’d like to hear from you:

go tell it on the mountain
so far away (dire straits)
promises (eric clapton)
save some titty milk for me (wheeler walker)


Don’t forget Sex Type THing by Stone Temple Pilots


Okay, I’ll try !