Do I sound like John Denver?


That was for Mr gay
I don’t want any covers from u


We got Don Jenver in the house


Your loss


Is it though?


I don’t understand why people here are so negative . I am generally a positive person . But I can only take so much abuse .


I know. You can take SO MUCH abuse.


You must get that from your mom.


I took a bunch of mushrooms, wrecked my car and somehow lived and got raped by a gang of angels. I also tried to burn down a movie studio and spent three months in jail and a year in a halfway house.

I suggest you radicalize and rage against the machine. The system was built to enslave you and we are ruled by a capitalist oligarchy which will evolve into an automated technocracy as we approach singularity.

Rage against the politicians and billionaires. The end is nigh.


oligarchy is right.
corporate fascism is what we have now though.


Yes from leftists , and those that wish to censor free speech by calling it “hate speech”.


I think you’re woefully deficient on following the words and teaching of your Jesus in his spirit. He knows. He hears you when you speak hate. You will end up in hell.


regardless if there is a heaven or hell.

i think you’re kind of a jerk…and not in an ignorant awww shucks kind of way.

more like calculated mean shit and then calculated backpedaling.

if there is a heaven, i don’t want to go if they take people like you.


In a hateful salt in wounds, I need to feel superior to others way. You know American Christian.


I’m sorry you feel that way


no you’re not.


Not sure who you sound like, but you look like you smell of baby powder, corn chips and a 15-year-old’s post gym class ball sweat.


Thank you!


when i think of meade i think of a sweaty nutsack.


Right!?!? He’s got oily looking sebacious skin.


Really? Most people say I have beautiful skin that just glows.