Do I sound like John Denver?


Sebaceous. For the win!


He’s definitely got clammy hands. That’s a given.


You glow like a retard that just cummed on a doorknob


Your skin glows due to its sebaceous nature. Like a puddle of engine oil in a parking lot. Rainbow Meade.


Please leave prophet.


You are more annoying than I am, frankly.



Gone is you fake nice-guy routine, huh? No more casual ‘aw shucks’ racism? This is the real you. An angry little frustrated stain.


You’ve somehow managed to offend sweaty nutsacks everywhere.


I think that you are projecting to be honest. I’ve been very nice to you and everyone else.


Go away prophet. Please leave.


You don’t own this message board.


Did you get a weave, or what?


This asshole really brings out he worst in us.


A rather typical feature of assholes.


Yeah but not typical of us.


I’m just trying to come up with funny insults until he goes. I may have to change strategies.


He sounds like he’s well acquainted with Denver omelettes?


This is how I feel right now


Please go away you hurtful troll.