Does anyone from the old remember this from 2007?


After Ryan Adams - Easy Tiger was released in 2007, someone who was quite good with photoshop made a parody album cover for Ryan Adams - Easy Liger. The person did a damn good job of getting Ryan’s face complete with the blond curls & glasses of Napoleon Dynamite. It was fucking hysterical!! Now I drank quite a bit during those years. So it’s possible that I’m not remembering it correctly. But, if I am remembering this correctly. Did anyone save that photoshop?


I don’t, but there was a lot of great photoshops back then that I remember. The old dot org was fun.


Was it still at that point or had it been renamed to


That might have been me. I have no clue. I drank a lot around that time too. I just know that I used Photoshop a lot at that time.


I only remember I think I posted there from 2008 to 2011.


Still….what a shitty fucking album. That album was a harbinger of what his career would become. The watch on the cover was all we need to know. There are problems when your cover makes Cheech and Chong look brilliant.


I remember many debates about the snare sound on that one.


But I saw an acoustic show in 2007 in Chicago, when he was touring with a piano player in the Cardinals, and it was one of the best damn shows I’ve ever seen.


For that album to come after the 2005 trilogy, paired with the glowing Stephen King remarks, it sounded like a demo tape you would send in to book a gig on a cruise ship. It is still awful. Try listening to that shit.


I was okay with Easy Tiger. I even liked some songs on Cardinology. Ashes and Fire was an abomination. I haven’t listened to anything after that. But not even Cold Roses has aged all that well for me now. It was great at the time.


I agree with you about Cold Roses. “How Do You Keep Love Alive” is one of the most laughable songs he’s ever recorded. Those lyrics are hilariously bad.


I think the KCRW in studio show the Cardinals did in 2007 is nothing less than stellar. Here, “Oh My God …” truly shines. If they hade cut ET this way (and picked some other songs from the sessions – bye-bye “Halloweed Head”, “Two Hearts”, “Rip Off” and “Off Broadway”) it would have made a grand album. There is a (decent, but not excellent) rip of the KCRW radio broadcast on internet archive (I guess that everyone have already heard it, but a link just for the record):

As I see it, a lot of the problems with the stuff from the ET era has to do with the production – no news there (snare drum!) – but it would have been a very different album if they had just recorded it live in studio – just to state the obvious, if one compares, for example, the production on the album with the recording of “Blue Hotel” on “Follow the Lights”, it is literally like night and day. “Avatar” also illustrates another alternate way the album could have been recorded (although I prefer the mellow KCRW style for these particular songs). Jamie C should have miked them up and just let the tape rolled.

Nothing touches the 2006–2007 era Cardinals in my book – by 2007 they mastered so many different styles and tempos that it almost uncanny. The sounds they made …

Sorry for the ramble – nothing new here, but I could not help myself.


Not sure if I should be opening a two front war after what I wrote about Dylan, but I really don’t mind the snare drum on ET. When I heard the same sound on Steve Earle’s version of LA Freeway after he hired Pemberton in 2018, it gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling.


Aha, just misunderstood your comment, then (happens a lot for me). I just thought you was gunning for the “super-crisp” production on ET. I have nothing against Brad’s drumming style – on the contrary, to say the least.


No, I think you understood me. To me, the sound of the drum on LA Freeway and Goodnight Rose sound very similar. Part of that is Brad’s playing, but it’s also the production, I suppose.


Aha (once again). I will give it a spin – like Earle a lot. I just strikes me that I have not been a big fan of Earle’s productions in general (I am not trying to pick a fight!), though I like the one on “Washington Square”, think it was The Dust Brothers who did that one, if I remember correctly. But “Street Legal” and “Infidels” (original mix) are probably my favorite Dylan albums next to “Blood on the Tracks”, so I am obviously not one to be trusted when it comes to musical preferences and opinions.


Steve Earle… I really like his cover of Warren Zevon’s “Reconsider Me”.


That’s funny. It sounds weirdly out of tune to me. Maybe that’s why I like the snare sound on ET. Hey, does anybody else smell burned toast?


Interesting. I like the sound of his later 90s albums a lot–I Feel Alright, El Corazon, The Mountain. Then many of his albums after that had a Pro Tools in the living room sound to me until I’ll Never Get Out of this World Alive, which T-Bone Burnett produced. That one sounds fantastic to me. And then ever since he added a pedal steel player on So You Want to be an Outlaw, I think his albums have sounded great.


I love “The Mountain” – have played that one to death, but at the same time I have always felt that the production was a bit cold. T-Bone is, of course, brilliant and I got to admit that I have not listened that fanatically to Earle’s latter albums. The Justin tribute connected with me though.