Does it make me less of a man if I don't like to use the urinal ?


I always opt to use a stall at public restrooms. I never have used a urinal in my life and I probably never will. Does this make me a coward? I like to have my privacy . Maybe someday I will use the urinal, but for now I will stick away from it. What do Y’all think?


Tiny schmekel syndrome?



Your schtick is tired. Are you too scared to give music an earnest go so you have to create this idiot persona? Either way, go away.



And the people said amen!


I’m not sure what you mean. I just asked a question. Today I was confronted with having to use another public restroom and there was only 1 urinal a stall which were both occupied so I declined.


So did you just piss your pants in your car?


This is something you and R Kelly have in common. It might be a sign of a gifted, yet troubled artist.

It’s interesting you can perform music in public, an act that is terrifying to most people, but feel uncomfortable with urinals.


It’s not like he’s GG Allin, you know? Although the quality of the music is similar.


These troughs make me feel one with the livestock.


I love those


At the YMCA these middle aged and older men walk around completely naked and just talk to each other and stuff like that while they are naked . I just want to use the swimming pool and I understand if you just want to change and get dressed and go on your way. But does it make sense to just walk around that way without clothes? Makes no sense to me.


ha. you pretend like you’re bothered. you know want to swallow their nut. you sick fuck!


Go to sleep.


I have never used a urinal in my life and I probably never will either.
I am not a coward. If someone dares me to use a urinal then I will use it.


Uh…I dare ya? I guess?


Ok, I am on my way to look for a urinal.
Edit: No urinals in this building.