Does anyone know of a drug that would make your body inoperable but your mind still lucid? My band played last night and a woman who comes out to see us was dancing and having fun until the end of the night. After we packed up a friend informed me that she was trying to leave and couldn’t walk. She was dancing 20 minutes earlier. She could carry on a conversation but needed to be held up. She said she had one drink and I believe her. Long night.


Possibly a high dose of CBD


Maybe your music gave her a case of the rocking’ pneumonia, with a side of the boogie boogie flu?


A LOT of people were acting crazy last night. It was a fun gig. I’ve known her quite a while and never seen her like that. It was like she ate a strong edible but she didn’t.


Was Owsly Stanley in attendance?


My first thought was Cosby, too. But he’s incarcerated.


In that crowd it was quite possible.