I bet even Ely couldn’t resist these.


You are speaking my language, Dougo! We picked up an assortment of Entenmanns last night. That’s the most low brow I got for store bought. There’s a place that makes the BEST french crullers but they’re a little drive so we save that for special occasions.

My favorite though is Voodoo Doughnuts
The Grape Ape is my jam. grape-ape-yeast-doughnut-side-400x400 This bitch is sprinkled with grape flavored Kool Aid.



damn yummy…but i still think a fucking hot out of the oven krispy kreme original glazed is tough to beat.


We’ve got one of those within walking distance of my work. I don’t ever got there. Original glazed is nice but you end up eating 5 of them.



Gotta agree on the French Crullers.

Bear Claws never seem to get their due.

That Voodoo doughnut shop looks awesome… now I want a blunt! …and I had to change the spelling in this thread title after visiting their site.


Love apple fritters too if they’re not too greasy. We bring a friend one over when we visit. He pops it straight into the oven.


These are the only donuts I care about:


Mmm. That looks like coffee cake. I’d eat the hell out of those too.


give me apple fritters or give me death.

they’re my all time fave


You’ve never had crumb topped donuts?? Please buy a box this weekend. They’re magically delicious.


I grew up with Farm Crest finger-shaped crumble doughnuts.