Drivel Thread 1.0


Exactly what I was thinking. Nature is providing an example on how to live in harmony.


They’re in love :heart_eyes:


They are like Siamese twins that can’t be separated.


They can be separated.


We got Paul Bunyan meets Dexter over here…



Balv… :smiley:



this is one of my faves.

i posted this here!!!

now i saved it to my phone :wink:



Can’t believe it!! She’s the best cat I’ve ever known.




WTF is this that was on the MSN site…fried records?

Of all the things that have been fried?



So I’ve lived here with lake access for 28 years, but never owned a boat. Now that’s changed and my little put put pontoon is in the water. Why did I wait so long?


nice! good for you dougo. and why on earth did you wait so long??? i love pontoon boats. party barge!


I’ve never really been a boat person.

But when my neighbor put her house up for sale I asked her how much for her pontoon… she gave me a good price after I helped her put in new carpet on the deck. I was impressed that the deck is made of aluminum and not wood. It just has a 25 hp Johnson 2-stroke engine, but that’s all I need.


Yay!!! Enjoy! :motor_boat:


Now must be the right time!


I shot these photos at Cedar Point back in 1974. Back then, the Blue Streak was the only roller coaster they had. In the one overhead shot you can see the line to ride it. It was kind of a big deal back then… and of course, they had the log ride too.


That’s wonderful. I’ll always have a soft spot for amusement parks.


Wow. I love these.