Drivel Thread 1.0


This week has been amazeballs. So awesome to know so many people are cool with the queer guy in their neighborhood.



does @mrgay know about this?



love you monkey.



He’s so gay.




When mercury is in retrograde have usually eat a neighborhood child or two to absorb its mana and weather the storm


I thought of a new sign for your business.

“Come out of the closet, I’m interested in your junk.”


I’ve always had my go-to Halloween candy: Kit Kat, Snickers and Twix.

For some reason Kit Kat’s don’t taste good this year. I’m pretty convinced they changed something or even make a lesser version for Halloween. WTF?

It rained on Halloween and we only got like 5 kids. :confused:


I’ve been charting the decline of Sweet Tarts holiday products for years now. Size, texture, crunch, taste–it’s all different. Most noticeable in the Easter ‘chicks ducks and bunnies’ bag. Candy makers—leave well enough alone!




Oops, wrong thread.


I’ll have to research this.


All the candy has become minuscule. It’s one bite. Twix is so tiny it’s ridiculous.


This is true. The candy has become too tiny.


Smaller packages have less calories.

I’m sure their sales are down. Marketing unhealthy snacks is a challenge


And they need to make a big chunk of their money for the year at Halloween!


Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


That’s how you attract those Gen Z’rs…

Just ask Ryan.


No wonder Phoebe Bridgers had to fake it. Every time!