Drivel Thread 1.0



Do you mean that??


Due to him consistently saying anti muslim, anti migration, calling Chinese people a subspecies, and pro white propaganda, I have stopped listening to him. I can support that as much as Ioved the Smiths.


Gotcha. I have not been paying attention so I didn’t know he did those things.

I think he’s always been that guy who says things just to get a reaction out of people.

It’s rare I listen to The Smiths anymore but they’ll always be a part of my musical history.


Is this your office? I see you have a diverse set of administrative staff.


Yes. It was a good night. Plus we raised some money for a teen homeless shelter and my cat, Boris was super social that evening. Boris has been sick for a while. He passed away the following day.


I’m sorry about Boris :heart: I’m glad he’s at peace.


Thank you. He was a very good boy. I’ve not even begun to adjust.


I’m so sorry to hear about Boris. :heart:
It’s heartbreaking to go through.


So sorry to hear the news about Boris. I know he meant so much to you.




That “Once in a Lifetime” by the Talking Heads, (shudders…)




Pence knows what’s coming:



There are definitely downsides to living in Chicago. A college student was raped and murdered last week because she ignored a guy’s catcalls.


I was born & raised in the city of Chicago. Nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.


More importantly, though, I hope Jay Farrar can account for his whereabouts.