Drivel Thread 1.0


We’ve gotten the ducks moved outside. They love it! Survived their first night. It’s been hot and humid here, so I think they’re enjoying taking a dip as they please.

We kept the dog outside with them last night. He looks like a pit, but sounds like a hound so he’d sound the alarm on any intruders.

Our barn cat is terrified of them, and has been stressed so I think she’s conned her way into being an indoor cat.



Good article about the new Steve Earle album and the new DBT album:


Memorial Day Fail.


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You got old, bub.




Did you move to Florida?

You might like it there.






Well, we’re having to put our other cat down. I’m a mess. She was the only cat I’ve had that liked me and I liked it. Despite frontline plus and a sesestro collar, a tick managed to get on her and bite her, so the vet suspects she came down with bobcat fever.

I selfishly decided to have them try fluids and antibiotics for the next 24 hours to see if there’s any change.

I know they were barn cats, but I started letting this one come in after her sister got sick. I don’t know what kind of freakish ticks we have, or that bobcats would be this comfortable getting close to our house. We have woods behind us; but they’re not super thick and lead to the people behind us house.


I think it is a bad year for ticks for whatever reason. I’ve found a few of them on my and got them before they got burrowed in… it is concerning, since we’ve had two neighbors come down with Lyme disease. One died and the other had very severe mental and physiological problems as a result and I believe went to Germany to be treated for it.


They must be. We don’t go into the treed area very much, but we probably need to just spray our fenced part of the yard and brush with permethrin. This will have taken both cats in 6-weeks. We were using frontline plus for flea & tick once we realized the Chesterin was flea only. I still found a tick on her so switched her to a sesestro collar that’s supposed to repel them. I guess it was too late.

We’ll have to make sure my husbands kids don’t leave the yard since they’re so bad. I didn’t even think about us watching out for Lyme.


I’m sorry, Lacey.




I’ve done this

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Reminds me of this…


I used to play Mountain Jam on the jukebox at our local bar. It’s like 45 minutes long and I’d be assured of hearing good music for a while.