Drivel Thread 1.0


And I do enjoy seeing and hearing other people’s stuff.


Our local wildlife center has been raising seven bear cubs that were rescued and they have set up a ‘critter cam’ of their area. Yay bears!



I’m a bit the same way as well I guess. I like to live in the moment and most of my creative output is done more to impress myself - or possibly a couple others (bandmates or artistic collaborators).

I’ve got drawers of prints I’ve never shown or framed for that matter… I’ve got a lot of music that I’ve learned or created that I’ve never shared with anyone else - and I’m happy with that.

I really don’t like the whole social media/Facebook mentality that seems to encourage everyone to put out all this “LOOK AT ME” content that seems to beg for attention… but I suppose we all fall into that trap.

I do like the idea of stockpiling my art and music though. I have a grandson coming that may care someday after I’m gone.

But to me my art is like therapy, it makes me feel better. I’ve become somewhat ambivalent about what other people think of the “finished” product and much more appreciative of the process itself.


I was thinking more about working on your farm - I mean, you are from Montana, and everyone lives on a farm there. You don’t need any help there?



Watch this:


Eye(s) Of The Beholder


I learned the floss dance. It took me a while.

Why? My seven year old talked about it.




i feel like canada is in the news a lot too…horse fucking, shit throwing, dog shaming, eating raccoons on the sidewalk


What a truly great post. Really. Thanks so much. :ok_hand:t2:


My aunt is dying.

So sad. She went to Albuquerque to visit my cousin and her grandsons. On the return flight home she stopped off in Minneapolis and complained to someone at the airport that she was sick. They took her to the hospital and she had a catastrophic stroke.

They gave her a drug to thin her blood and it resulted in her brain bleeding out. She has no chance of a recovery and is being kept alive by machines. She told everyone that she never wanted that, put it in writing, etc.

Now my cousin flew up to Minneapolis and has had the paperwork sent there so my cousin “pulled the tube”. They said it could take up to three days for her to die, since her heart started working again - even though she’s in a coma.

She is/was my favorite aunt that we visited down south in Orange Beach in February. Born and raised in England, she was extremely well read. She could, and would speak intelligently on virtually any subject - the ultimate conversationalist.

She’s not even gone yet, but I already miss her.


Sorry to hear Dougo.


I’m so sorry Dougo.


god dougo.

much love to you right now. i’m so sorry sir


I’m very sorry to hear this, Doug.


That’s awful, I’m sorry.


Thanks you guys.

I’m going up north for the weekend in an attempt to clear my mind.


I hope you find some peace, and rest up north Dougo.