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Hero Breaks Car Window to Save Vinyl Records on Hot Day

PHOENIX — Local hero and vinyl enthusiast Nate Adams broke a car window in last week’s triple-digit temperatures in order to save some records overheating in the backseat, according to multiple witnesses.

Adams allegedly noticed the neglected crate of vinyl in the 2005 Suzuki Aerio after leaving an ice cream shop Saturday afternoon. Knowing the dangers, he quickly took action.

“It was, like, 100 degrees,” said Adams. “Vinyl can get warped at, like, 80 degrees, and it will never sound the same again. I knew I had to do something. So, I picked up a rock and threw it through the window. I just did what any other vinyl lover would do.”

The crate, which contained 17 vinyl records and 13 cassette tapes in all, reportedly included albums by the Ramones, the Sex Pistols, and Fugazi, all left to fend for themselves. Thanks to Adams’ brave actions, the only casualty was a No Doubt Tragic Kingdom CD without a jewel case.

“It just makes me sick, you know?” said Adams. “The fact that there are people like that in the world with no regard for what’s safe or what’s right. It’s a goddamn shame. The window can be replaced, but there were some original pressings in that crate that could never be replaced, unless you have a really good day on eBay.”

Bystanders report Adams stayed with the records until authorities arrived on the scene.

“He cradled them in his arms comfortingly, and took each one out of its dust sleeve and inspected it carefully for any warping,” said Theresa Worthington, who witnessed the event with her children. “When the owner came back, neither of them were very happy with each other, but, thankfully, the police were there to keep everything calm.”

The owner of the vehicle was quick to defend himself against accusations of negligence.

“The car wasn’t even locked, and I was only gone for two goddamn minutes,” claimed Dan Heller, the owner of the Suzuki and records. “People are calling this guy a hero, and all I see is someone who fucked up my car and tried to steal my shit.”

The records will remain in the care of the state until an appellate judge determines if Heller is responsible enough to own such a valuable collection. Meanwhile, Adams is hoping to become the legal caretaker for the music collection should the judge rule against Heller.

“They deserve a good home and a caring owner, and I can provide that for them,” said Adams. “Now, I have to go. My kid is still waiting for his ice cream in the car.”


Swiss Photographer John Wilhelm


Who says Canadians are boring?


No one says that


But everyone does think it.


What do Canadians think of us?

That is the question.

They think we are silly and stupid, maybe they are right, but…

I have three good friends that have moved to Canada in the last couple years - not for political reasons, for work or family - and I’ve heard some weird stories about their immigration policies.

My friend John just visited from Montreal and he became a full-time Canadian resident as soon as he got home - which was a process that has already taken more than a year. Now he has to wait for up to 6 months to receive his card, which will let him visit the US again… without that he would not be able to get back into Canada.

I can’t imagine such a thing in this country, but maybe it is just a Quebec thing. Reams of red tape he’s had to climb through.

Also he says the people that live up there are some of the biggest racists he’s been in contact with and don’t give him the time of day because he doesn’t speak French well.


He mentioned, after watching a little American TV that they don’t allow pharmaceutical ads, so that would be a big plus.




50 Things That Anyone Between The Ages Of 35-45 Hasn’t Thought About In Over 15 Years - BuzzFeed


I read that this morning.
The “ghost boy” from 3 men and a baby ~ I had to go and google that. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



That was one of the ones I definitely remembered!! :stuck_out_tongue:






Well it looks like we could have the 6th Prime Minister in 10 years any day now !! Not that it matters to any of you, I’m getting the popcorn Ready !! Not one of them have served a full term (3 years ) .


eery resemblance to @e_a


Sadly e_a is MIA