Drivel Thread 1.0




My latest jazz musician woodblock portrait: Oliver Nelson.



I want that nail color.


It is a pretty pink shade but I never saw you as a baby pink nail color type of gal, inky! :star_struck:

For some reason, I thought you’d be more these kind of colors:



You’re right! I’m mainly neutral but I’m trying to expand my horizons. Yes, I love those. I’ll get those too.


I did neutral for a while about 10 years ago and then stopped wearing nail polish on my hands altogether. Recently I’ve gotten back into it and these are my favorite colors at the moment and I alternate between the two.
What’s good about these, they work for feet, too! :footprints:


Speaking of expanding your horizon, try something like those! :sunglasses:


Oh I’ve got lots of dark colors. those are nice. I love the gel look. This is making me want a mani-pedi.


I think the lights are pretty but I’m so white that they look terrible on me. I wear those dark colors in the winter but I try to keep it brighter in the summer. And I’m not into pink so I stick with red and coral colors in the summer. Currently love a Revlon called Fearless and an OPI called Dutch Tulips. Plus my cat’s name is Dutchie!



I bet red looks great on you.