Drivel Thread 1.0






Same, Ricky. Same.


You still on the weed? Sober from…booze?


Yep and yep.



Dicky Betts fell and hit his head at his home last night and is having to undergo brain surgery… hope he is able to make a full comeback. The Allman Brothers band can’t catch a break these days.


Didn’t he have a stroke recently too?


I hadn’t heard that. But I did know he had been rehearsing for a comeback of sorts lately.



Hmmm, yeah. Hadn’t seen that. I guess he fell on his property walking with his dog and hit his head.


Yeah. Sounds pretty rough. Having brain surgery.


Ah, to be at the friendly confines.


I actually used data to see that.


Data well spent!




Pardon me, can I drink your pee?


I don’t know if any of you remember me telling the story of my stupid co-worker who embezzled thousands from the company? Anyway, a month or so ago my anniversary was up so I asked my boss for a big fat raise and he gave it to me. She snooped the books and complained that I got a big raise and figured they should all get the same. She went after my boss over it too. Tried to drag me through the mud all in email conversations…that my boss forwarded to me so I could see what she was saying. Dumb c-word still doesn’t know I know all her bullshit. Anyway, she’s still employed here but called in sick (at least twice a month) so I’m covering for her. Best part of this is that I’ve grown up enough not to make a stink of it. This bitch will (eventually) hang herself and I’ll come out smelling like a rose. Bitch is lucky I didn’t curse her.

Just needed to vent. Slow day here.