Drivel Thread 1.0


I could make things worse for “that bitch”. In-box me. :slight_smile:


very cool of you.

very unprofessional of your boss to share emails

he should get a third party involved such as HR and deal w/ this fucking petty whore bag gutter slut.


You’re a sweetie but I think being her is bad enough.


He’s only doing it so we know what lies she’s spreading. But you’re right. Wish he would just fire her.
What he did do is bring in his fiance’ to do everything to do with the finances. Locked dumbass out of Quickbooks. It’s a stupid remedy but a funny one. Bitch is jealous of ME, so the boss brings in his 30 year old hot fiance to do her job. Can’t really say anything about that. I’m laughing my ass off. I love his fiance and she loves me so it’s all good. Welcome to Idiotville.

Another funny thing - when she asked the boss why I got such a good raise he said “she works her ass off and doesn’t steal from the company” She cried.


Nice, Inky. Good on ya.



Elon Musk is trying to help fix the Flint Water crisis.



Banksy pulls an epic stunt.


Crazy shit. We watched a great documentary about him a few years ago.


Exit through the gift shop? It’s hilarious!


Tomorrow will be 90 days. I’ve wanted a bourbon most every single day. I even walked into a liquor store about 3 weeks ago. I think I’ll celebrate tomorrow evening with a drink. :smiley:


Fuck yes, Monkey! That is incredible. I’m super proud of you. I hope you feel the difference in your body. You gave it a break. Awesome!


I say I’m gonna celebrate with a drink. That’s probably not gonna happen. I have an super addictive brain. I have to stay on the wagon, I think.
Also, thank you, inky.


I’m glad you’re staying on the wagon. It’s a better ride I think. Either way, what you did is not an easy thing to do.
I wish I could reach through this screen and give you the biggest hug. And I know this probably doesn’t matter but at the stage you are, your liver is starting to recover.


I’d give him a hug too if he’d take it.

Proud of u monkey.




Yup. Good on you Monkey.


Top Shelf, Monkey !


speaking of top shelf…