Drivel Thread 1.0


A client came by and dropped off some branches and gave me a trimming lesson. I’m in my office right now working the scissors. Doesn’t suck.




Michigan will be voting on the legalization of recreational use coming up next month. I am pretty confident it will pass.





Great. I got tricked into clicking on that, now all my social feeds will be filled with ads for laxatives.


Nice bush, Inky.


Thanks Ely. It’s a little shaggy but okay for a first try.




Lots of attorneys present at the meetings where they named these.


Those are fantastic, Monkey!


I was going to go to a Halloween party as Blue Speed Mouse but my neck isn’t long enough to pull it off so I’m going as Where’s That Stripey Dude? instead.




very very quiet here.




I know. What the fuck? Come on ghar, you’ve got time. You should be carrying this shit.


I work at a university, so I’m surrounded by people half my age. This is how I feel every time I try to draw an analogy between the research process and social media.


I used to teach at a community college. Luckily there were people older than me but mainly 20 something bitches just trying to make me look fat.