Drivel Thread 1.0


The Hulk, Godzilla, the Tardis and Thor’s hammer are now constellations:




I got two trick or treaters just now it’s supposed to rain like four inches tomorrow and some people are taking their kids out tonight I guess. :jack_o_lantern::ghost:


I had over 20 trick or treaters tonight. The cutest were two 3-4 year old boys both dressed as Spider-Man with built in muscles in the costume. Grizz came out on front porch and they only cared about petting him. They didn’t even care about candy.


Also, university of Louisville got a new basketball coach and he brought with him his assistant coach who happens to be Bill Murray’s son. Bill will be spending a lot of time in Louisville I think. :slightly_smiling_face:


Having my second colonoscopy today!


That’s crazy! It’s going to rain pretty hard tonight too but I’ve never heard of trick or treating a day early.


Lucky you. Make sure you reward yourself after.


take yourself out for a milkshake on me!


I think i’m going for a Thai bowl.

Haven’t had anything to eat since a bowl of cereal Monday morning.

I’m starving.


thai bowl w/ a chocolate shake?
i like where your head’s at dougo


Rain forced us to do Halloween last night as well.

by the way, how fucking great are these pictures taken with the Google Pixel 3?


doesn’t hurt that the subject matter are stunners and adorable.

great pics nick thanks for sharing.

love that ghostbusters get up




Great trick or treaters!


I brought a scary mask and a robe to work. In about a half hour I’m gonna put it on and round the corner on someone.



Nick, those kids are so adorable!!

They even told people on the news to not go out tonight. Oh well. :frowning::jack_o_lantern:

We’re watching Carrie. This is the one night of the year I agree to watch scary movies.


Josh Ritter and his new baby. Who’s cuter?