Drivel Thread 1.0



Your cat FETCHES?


She will make me throw that mouse all day if I allow it.


My dog is like that but he’s a dog.


You got a 2nd cat?


Yes, like 3 months ago. I don’t tell you all everything. I also have a torn mcl and I haven’t had whisky in well over 100 days but i have had a beer here and there recently and realize I can drink a beer here and there…it’s that bitch, whisky, what gets me in trouble. I’m also seeing someone and have invested in a good Calphalon cookware set. Also, I don’t like 90% of the music in the shared dropbox. I also think the world is overrun with evils, selfish, soulless assholes and we, as a species, have maybe another 200 years left in us, tops. Atheism can save us but God is a greedy mother fucker and that mental health construct wont die so easily. Vitamins are bullshit and everything’s a fuucking GMO. Quit kidding yourselves, fuckers!


You forgot to mention that while people are figuring out ways to make brussels sprouts pretty damn tasty (usually with butter and bacon) no one has yet to figure out how not to make them farty as all hell.


Good god that is some scary shit! That dude is in some sort of utility kilt and acting like it’s not a big deal.


THANK YOU. The courier was laughing at my get up and turned to my coworker and was all “is that Halloween too”? Hahaha. Burn.


The End of The World Of Books…
One of the finest pieces of writing is a letter to Alfred A. Knopf Publishers from Norman Maclean.
Norman Maclean had a difficult time finding a publisher for his classic novella “A River Runs Through It” and eventually in 1976 it was published by the University of Chicago Press–the first time they would ever publish a novel. Publisher Alfred Knopf turned it down and then, eventually, 6 years later in 1981 offered to publish anything Mr. Maclean would give them…Maclean, in full proud Scottish heritage, wrote back:

Dear Mr. Elliott:

I have discovered that I have been writing you under false pretenses, although stealing from myself more than from you. I have stolen from myself the opportunity of seeing the dream of every rejected author come true.

The dream of every rejected author must be to see, like sugar plums dancing in his head, please-can’t-we-see-your-next-manuscript letters standing in piles on his desk, all coming from publishing companies that rejected his previous manuscript, especially from the more pompous of the fatted cows grazing contentedly in the publishing field. I am sure that, under the influence of those dreams, some of the finest fuck-you prose in the English language has been composed but, alas, never published. And to think that the rare moment in history came to me when I could in actuality have written the prose masterpiece for all rejected authors – and I didn’t even see that history had swung wide its doors to me.

You must have known that Alfred A. Knopf turned down my first collection of stories after playing games with it, or at least the game of cat’s-paw, now rolling it over and saying they were going to publish it and then rolling it on its back when the president of the company announced it wouldn’t sell. So I can’t understand how you could ask if I’d submit my second manuscript to Alfred A. Knopf, unless you don’t know my race of people. And I can’t understand how it didn’t register on me – ‘Alfred A. Knopf’ is clear enough on your stationery.

But, although I let the big moment elude me, it has given rise to little pleasures. For instance, whenever I receive a statement of the sales of ‘A River Runs Through It’ from the University of Chicago Press, I see that someone has written across the bottom of it, ‘Hurrah for Alfred A. Knopf.’ However, having let the great moment slip by unrecognized and unadorned, I can now only weakly say this: if the situation ever arose when Alfred A. Knopf was the only publishing house remaining in the world and I was the sole remaining author, that would mark the end of the world of books.

Very sincerely,

Norman Maclean



I thought this was interesting:


Good data visualization.

How are you feeling about Beto’s (hard t) chances?


I’m neither a Liberal or a Conservative. I voted for Beto because of Cruz’s track record of hate for pay in our state. I do honestly believe much of O’Rourke’s campaign promises are a little off and unrealistic. That being said, I would definitely be surprised and happy about a Beto O’Rourke Senate seat win.


We won!

Michigan is now the 10th state to legalize recreational marijuana in the U.S. – and the first in the Midwest. The law allows for recreational use for adults 21 and over in the privacy of their own homes, and requires the state to create a regulatory structure to license businesses.


…because any excuse to put up a picture of my grandson.


Handsome boy.




Too cute
Keep em coming Dougo!!


Hello sweet potato.