Drivel Thread 1.0



that guy is a douche and terrible actor


He finally got that restraining order served on you, I see.


He’s like a male Paris Hilton. Or Matthew Mconahey for dumb gitls with low standards other than ‘abs’.


Whatever. This guy is ridiculously hot. That’s all he needs to be.


Don’t you dare talk that way about MMconaney?!


Maccannaughy is a decent actor but he certainly seems like a ‘yo bro’ dipshit. It’s not that he got arrested for being naked and drunk and high. It’s that he got arrested for being naked drunk and high and playing the fucking bongos.

The fucking bongos, man.


Don’t you just love it?! :rofl:


Please excuse my ignorance, but I have no idea who this guy in the photo is…

Is he a Game of Thrones actor or something?


jason mamosa or something

he’s a hot and sexy caveman
a terrible terrible overrated actor and a very weird individual

like mr. gay w/ muscles


I used to think so also but I saw him on the Graham Norton show and it turns out that he’s Hawaiian. Most of the people I knew in Hawaii when I lived there were like Jason Momoa.
He has a very Hawaiian Aloha spirit thing going on, is what I think.


Well i can retract my sentiments
I mean if he’s good enough for u then I had better give him a second chance!!


Well, I just came back to say that I didn’t even know what your “very weird individual” comment was a reference to so maybe he is weird!
What do I know?! Haha!



Yeah, he’s got a whole shitload of aloha.


Dude!!! This was amazing to watch!!



Alfred Molina was just on a favorite podcast of mine. He’s so wonderfully charming.


I like ashtrays. This is a fave.


Bet you they’re young.
Bet you they’re smart.
Bet they collect things like ash trays and art.
Bet you they’re good.
Why shouldn’t they be?
Their one mistake was giving up me…


Man, fuck that orphan!