Drivel Thread 1.0




You mean I have to stop believing everything I see on Facebook now?


Covington Catholic School students in black face during past basketball game


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My band finally took pro photos. We’re all old but I still like them.


Which one are you? :wink:


The smiling one.


You look great, Inky!


Thank you Dougo!


I like it! Great band picture.
I like the beard, inky! Is that a new look for you?

Just kidding, you look gorgeous, inky.
That color lipstick is perfect for you! It works so well with your skin tone & hair color, I love it on you. :heart_eyes:

Mr. inky is looking good, too!


Aw thanks uv. So sweet.


You’re definitely the prettiest one! :kissing_heart:


Thanks Lisa. Bill in back has the best hair though.


No way. You win for hair too. :haircut_woman:t2:‍♀️


Definitely look like a woman who knows things, if you know what I mean. If you don’t…that statement was lewd.


What instrument does Kurt Loder play?


Which one is Kurt Loder?


The one sitting next to you.


Oh he’d love that! That’s our drummer Marty. He’s a beast. So creative. He played with Doug Kershaw for over 20 years. Did Farm Aid, Grand Ole Opry and all the talk shows. I look up old videos and tell him he’s in them.